Devotionals from Leslie Ludy and the Set Apart Girl Team

Love is a Choice

My five-year-old daughter, Avy, recently asked me a rather profound question: “How do you know if somebody really knows Jesus or not?”  In modern Christianity, there are various opinions on this matter.  Some say there should be a particular demonstration of power in a believer’s life to prove he or she has really been born again.  Others insist that specific personal convictions must be adopted to prove true devotion to Christ.  But Jesus gave a very simple answer to this perplexing issue.  He said, “By this all will know that you are My... read the rest here.

Waiting for a Christ-Built Man

It’s surprising how many Christ-focused young women I meet have a difficult time transferring their romance with Jesus into the arena of guys.  We might accept the fact that Jesus Christ is a princely, heroic gentleman who laid down His very life on our behalf.  But when it comes to guys, it’s all too easy to settle for a self-consumed guy who exalts his own wants above honor and nobility; a guy who puts on a Christian mask in order to gain our attention, but underneath he is no different than his secular counterparts.  As I have said in many of my books, an earthly... read the rest here.

Cross-Centered Love Stories

Whenever Valentine’s Day approaches, the subject of romantic relationships surfaces suddenly, like a deep-sea diver coming up for air.  You can’t write a book called When God Writes Your Love Story and not be roped into the topic of romance on Valentine’s Day.  Even though it has been fifteen years since that book was released, Eric and I continue to be contacted by Christian magazines, radio shows, and even television networks, asking us to share our opinions about how Christians should date and find spouses.  With the popularity of Internet dating... read the rest here.

Joyful in Suffering

I have always been somewhat afraid of suffering. Even though I know the Lord will give me everything I need to walk through any form of suffering, it has always been more head knowledge than heart knowledge. That is, up until recently.This past year I have been the observer of many dear Christian people walking through suffering—very, very deep suffering. Losing children, severed relationships, the loss of family members or friends… As I have witnessed others walking through these things, there is one thing that has been made blatantly evident: God is always good. Instead of... read the rest here.

A Fresh Vision for Prayer

Whenever a new year begins, our society encourages us to “turn over a new leaf” in self-improvement areas such as fitness, diet, and personal goals.  And while it can be good to establish fresh vision and discipline in these areas, none of them are as important as our daily time with Jesus Christ.  Yet it’s all too easy to allow time with Christ to fall by the wayside, simply because we don’t have a clear vision for how to structure our prayer times.  Time with Christ can begin to feel stale and dutiful unless we are purposeful about protecting our... read the rest here.

Cultivating True Courage

When the famous missionary Mary Slessor was a young woman in Scotland, she was faced with a life-changing test of courage.  Working in a dangerous inner-city area, she was preparing to teach a Bible study lesson to a group of children when a gang of trouble-making teenage boys surrounded her, jeered at her and threatened her with torture unless she would agree to stop teaching about Jesus.  The boys pinned her hands behind her back, and the gang leader swung a jagged razor-edged hook just inches from her face with taunts and threats, but Mary stood her ground.  She looked him... read the rest here.

Lord, Give Me Boldness

I have often wished I felt more bold to speak the Gospel - or even simply stopping to pray with someone or do something for them that would display the love of Christ. But so often when I am faced with these opportunities, I find myself trembling. I don’t feel bold… one. single. bit. And much to my regret, I have justified not speaking or acting because of these feelings. “When the feelings of boldness come,” I reason, “then I’ll obey.” Because of this, I have missed out on opportunities to display the light and life of Christ to those in darkness, and have ultimately acted in disobedience to... read the rest here.

Humble Beginnings

When I was nine years old, I played Gabriel in the Christmas musical at my church called “Angels Aware”. (I even got to blow a trumpet at the finale of the play, which was very exciting!) The story was about a group of angels in Heaven who had just heard the news that God was sending His only Son to earth to rescue the world. The angels began discussing all the many ways that Christ should make His appearance on earth. They felt He should go to earth as a great king or powerful leader. When the angels found out He would become the humble, helpless baby of a poor carpenter and his... read the rest here.

The Man I Married - Reflection #4

Our Twenty-Year Romance DeepensAfter twenty years together, God is still writing our love story. Our relationship has moved beyond the fresh, innocent, fairy-tale love story of twenty years ago into something far deeper and even more beautiful.  Pouring out of lives for the Gospel, living in the public eye, carrying the weight of leadership upon our shoulders, embracing the unique challenges of adoption, and raising six lively children have brought difficulties, struggles, and heartaches into our lives than we never could have anticipated.  Yet, it has not been in spite of the... read the rest here.

The Man I Married - Reflection #3

Eric Exudes Christ's LoveEver since I have known Eric, he’s had a built-in compassion radar toward everyone around him.  When I walk into a roomful of new people, I have a tendency to think more about my own social discomfort than the state of the human souls around me.  Eric is the opposite.  He has a genuine love and concern for people, and he reaches out to them with the love of Christ, probably more than anyone else I have ever met.No matter how tired he may be, Eric has often witnessed to a fellow passenger or bus driver on the way to a speaking event or hotel,... read the rest here.