Devotionals from Leslie Ludy and the Set Apart Girl Team

Running for the Prize

I’ve been participating in a fitness challenge at a gym nearby. I thought it would be kind of a fun motivation to get in shape. It is a point system, and you can win points in all different ways, from general attendance to keeping a food journal. There are three different “general” point levels that will win you either a bronze, silver, or gold level prize, depending on your score at the end. And anyone who achieves that will win them without limit. But there is a grand prize that the single person with the most points will win. I had no hopes at first of winning this... read the rest here.

Gratitude Leads to Thanksgiving

This month, my husband and I had a huge car repair bill and a big renewal fee for my real estate license, both due in the same week, on top of our regular monthly expenses. We are both in commission-based sales jobs, which definitely has its perks. However, we never quite know when our next paycheck will come and how much it will be for, and it is easy to let our cashflow situation become a point of stress, anxiety and frustration. As I swiped my Visa card through the machine for both payments, I caught myself slipping into a “woe-is-me” mindset and my day quickly spiraled into... read the rest here.

Stay Focused

There is an interstate here in Colorado that I really dislike driving on. It is busy almost all the time, and is known for its bad accidents. One day as I was driving on a particularly busy stretch of this road, I noticed the car next to me was getting dangerously close. In my sideways glance, however, I failed to pay close attention to what I was doing, and didn’t realize I was about to hit the car in front of me. I slammed on my breaks just in time, but I learned a valuable lesson: I need to pay closer attention to my own driving than to the driving of others.This is a good spiritual... read the rest here.

The Water of the Word

One evening recently I went out onto our front porch to water the hanging plants. I had forgotten to do it the day before, but figured they were probably okay. When I caught my first glimpse of them, I was somewhat surprised to see them looking dangerously wilted and dry. It’s only been one day, I thought to myself. How could they have dried out so quickly?After watering the plants, I sat on our porch swing and thought about the spiritual correlation. How many times have I either consciously or subconsciously justified a day not “watered” with the Word of God, only to reap... read the rest here.

Sharing Christ in Daily Life

Let me share a little nugget that I’ve been realizing more and more in the past few weeks: talking about Jesus is really—and I mean really—exciting! Is it daunting to talk about Him to those you don’t know? Yes, I can’t deny that it can make one’s knees knock together, especially at first. Oh, but what joy can be found in aligning yourself boldly with the Cross! Recently I had the treat of going home to visit my family. One afternoon, my mom, younger brother, and I decided to take a bike ride to the park. As we were riding along the trail in our peaceful little city, suddenly the sound of... read the rest here.

Intentional Rest

There is a section in John Bunyan’s book The Pilgrim’s Progress that I have been thinking on quite a bit lately. Christian, the main character, comes across a peaceful area that was put in the midst of the “Mountain of Difficulty” by God for the purpose of giving weary pilgrims rest. Christian sits down to be refreshed and ends up falling asleep, staying much longer than he should have. When he wakes up, he realizes it is getting dark and he has lost precious time. The place that was intended for a brief rest was used as a way to give into laziness.I have been in this... read the rest here.

Love is a Choice

My five-year-old daughter, Avy, recently asked me a rather profound question: “How do you know if somebody really knows Jesus or not?”  In modern Christianity, there are various opinions on this matter.  Some say there should be a particular demonstration of power in a believer’s life to prove he or she has really been born again.  Others insist that specific personal convictions must be adopted to prove true devotion to Christ.  But Jesus gave a very simple answer to this perplexing issue.  He said, “By this all will know that you are My... read the rest here.

Waiting for a Christ-Built Man

It’s surprising how many Christ-focused young women I meet have a difficult time transferring their romance with Jesus into the arena of guys.  We might accept the fact that Jesus Christ is a princely, heroic gentleman who laid down His very life on our behalf.  But when it comes to guys, it’s all too easy to settle for a self-consumed guy who exalts his own wants above honor and nobility; a guy who puts on a Christian mask in order to gain our attention, but underneath he is no different than his secular counterparts.  As I have said in many of my books, an earthly... read the rest here.

Cross-Centered Love Stories

Whenever Valentine’s Day approaches, the subject of romantic relationships surfaces suddenly, like a deep-sea diver coming up for air.  You can’t write a book called When God Writes Your Love Story and not be roped into the topic of romance on Valentine’s Day.  Even though it has been fifteen years since that book was released, Eric and I continue to be contacted by Christian magazines, radio shows, and even television networks, asking us to share our opinions about how Christians should date and find spouses.  With the popularity of Internet dating... read the rest here.

Joyful in Suffering

I have always been somewhat afraid of suffering. Even though I know the Lord will give me everything I need to walk through any form of suffering, it has always been more head knowledge than heart knowledge. That is, up until recently.This past year I have been the observer of many dear Christian people walking through suffering—very, very deep suffering. Losing children, severed relationships, the loss of family members or friends… As I have witnessed others walking through these things, there is one thing that has been made blatantly evident: God is always good. Instead of... read the rest here.