Devotionals from Leslie Ludy and the Set Apart Girl Team

A Friend of the Bridegroom

As Christians, we often spiritualize the idea of self-promotion.  After all, the more successful and popular we become, the better Christian witnesses we will be, right?  But surprisingly, that’s not God’s pattern at all.At the peak of John the Baptist’s ministry, Jesus started baptizing, and people began coming more to Jesus than to John.  John’s followers seemed disturbed by this trend, and told him, "Behold, He is baptizing, and all are coming to Him" (Jn. 3:26)!  They must have felt jealous on behalf of John, thinking, “Why... read the rest here.

Martha's Multi-Tasking Mistake

It doesn’t take a very in-depth look at most women’s lives to come to the conclusion that we are excellent “multi-taskers”. Most of us have our plates full, and balancing it all has become second nature to us. We’ve become very good at filling our schedules and running from the one thing to the next; and even feeling a sense of pride or accomplishment at the many things we juggle in our daily lives. Women, in general, just love to get stuff done. Crossing things off our task-list might prove very rewarding, and it is indeed good to set to work at the task in... read the rest here.

Christ-Centered Time Management

God has entrusted us with the precious gift of time. Twenty four hours in every day; seven days in a every week; each day significant, each hour important, and each moment of value to God. How many of those moments are being spent on things that truly matter in light of eternity? Only when we are willing to give God the best hours of our day—rather than whatever is left after we have wasted most of our time on earthly things—will we truly experience vibrant intimacy with our Heavenly King. Many of us look at our daily schedules and can't see any available time for seeking... read the rest here.

An Invitation Into Intimacy

Each year, the coming of springtime carries a sheerly delightful and romantic air with it. Bursts of new life wrestle through the once cold and frozen ground, revealing cheery colorful buds to winter-worn eyes all around. Hazy golden sunbeams mark the early hour of dawn, while songbirds make their praises known to every open ear. And the other countless beauties of spring inspire us and refresh our hearts!Far beyond the signature beauties of springtime, enveloped in the coming of this new season is an invitation into intimacy with the Living God. Every blossoming flower, each spring-... read the rest here.

Overcoming Excuses

Tozer wrote, “The man [or woman] who would know God must spend time with Him.” What a simple and profound truth  - but one that is all too easy to forget amid the busyness of our daily lives!Most of us desire to know God more than we do. We sense our need for more of His presence and power in our daily lives. We feel an aching spiritual hunger in our souls for “something more.” And yet, we often balk at doing the one thing that would bring us closer to Him - spending time in His presence.The Bible offers a practical solution for growing closer to God: ... read the rest here.

Tuning Out the Voice of Discouragement

Have you ever heard the voice of Discouragement whisper accusations to your soul? “You are a miserable failure,” he mocks.  “You aren’t doing anything right!  Look at all the mistakes you are making!”  Discouragement loves to point out all our imperfections and get us to wallow in doubt, depression, and self-pity as we analyze and dwell upon all our mistakes, big or small.  His ultimate goal is to get our eyes off Jesus Christ and onto our own shortcomings.  The enemy loves to see Discouragement turn us inward and... read the rest here.

The Activity of Faith

In our modern world of instant gratification, the full meaning of such virtues as waiting and patience, has become slightly muddy. We would admiringly declare anyone that can wait, calmly and peacefully, for their “Egg McMuffin,” on the rush hour drive to work, a person of great patience. Most of us get slightly frustrated when the package of goods we ordered online, takes longer than the promised “two day shipping” to arrive. And let’s not even mention the dissatisfaction clearly seen on the faces of faithful clients when we have to wait in line at our favorite... read the rest here.

A Jesus-Centered Life

I have been reading and studying the book of John, and have been particularly struck by John the Baptist. This man is an amazing picture of humility. He had one focus and goal: to bear witness about Jesus (John 1:7). All of his ministry was baptizing and preparing people to receive Jesus as the Savior. And once Jesus began His ministry, when all the people coming to John began going to Jesus, others pointed that out to him. And what was his response? He compared it to being the friend of the bridegroom, saying his joy was completed; “He must increase, but I... read the rest here.

Where True Beauty Comes From

From eating disorders, to self-obsession, to provocative clothing, to unhealthy romantic flings, to pop-culture preoccupation, today’s young women are desperately searching for feminine fulfillment - but looking in all the wrong places. Chasing after sensual allure, short-term romance, worldly applause, and temporary pleasure leads to the counterfeit feminine beauty we see all around us today. Those of us who know Jesus Christ should be the ones showcasing the pattern for true femininity, but instead, all too many of us are only showcasing the empty pattern of this world.When God first... read the rest here.

Coming Away with our Beloved

My Beloved spoke and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one and come way. Song of Solomon 2:10-13 (NKJV)When I married Eric, I took on his name.  I became Mrs. Eric Ludy.  I took on Eric’s name to solidify my marriage covenant with him.  It wasn’t just accepting the title “Mrs. Eric Ludy” – it was a total change of focus and lifestyle. Bearing Eric’s name meant building my life around my new name.  To truly bear the name of my husband – not just in title, but in my daily reality – I had to leave my own life behind... read the rest here.