Taking Back the High Hill

Taking Back the High Hill

by Tiffany Gingerich | January 1, 2012

For years, I readily accepted the concept in my head. My lips spoke the words often, and even the actions of my life portrayed a level of conformity. With such honor and nobility this belief had presented itself upon me, so that I could not help but agree to its genuine truth. And yet, upon the High Hill of my heart, a magnificent castle towered.

Its construction had begun so quietly, so innocently. With one slight embrace from the enemy and a single nod of agreement, suddenly foreign troops had invaded the land. Before I could even lift a finger in protest, stakes had been sunk into the loose dirt and building had begun.

“You aren’t really questioning this, are you? It’s totally innocent, just a game. Besides, just blame it all on natural human tendency.”

My heart sucked up the lies whispered slyly.

Many ridiculous agreements kept my feet chained to that cold castle floor. There had once been a season when I was fully given, every High Hill free of enemy occupation. It was a time when sunbeams bathed the land in light, when birds flew freely, and sparkling, blue rivers brought life to every creature.

That season was no more. I had bought into the enemy lies, and now I was trapped – in my very own dungeon of despair. This was a prison I had chosen. Through the agreements, it had become my own.

My soul languished in this reality, until suddenly one day, I realized I was not alone. Long beams of sunlight filtered in through the wide open door, and just inside the cell’s shadowy darkness stood a tall figure. I jumped a bit, startled by the presence of another human.

“Sir, what are you doing here? You do know this is a prison, don’t you?” I couldn’t help but notice his clean, well-groomed appearance.

Without missing a beat, he nodded and returned the greeting, “And a good day to you, too!”

“Well, I mean, you’re welcome to come see me, but I just wasn’t expecting visitors in this place. Much less one such as yourself!” I paused quite self-consciously. “Can I ask why you’re here?”

He seemed to smile – even in the dim half-light I could sense it – which unnerved me even further. What was a gentleman doing in my personal pigsty?

“You’re wondering why I have come. Is it not obvious to you? There is but one reason I come to this place. It is to set you free!”

I nearly choked on my own tongue as ridiculous laughter spewed from my lips. “You? Rescue me? Who do you think you are, anyway? How...”

My foolish sputtering abruptly ceased and I fell to my face as I realized who it was that had entered the cold, dark cell.

“Forgive me, Lord! I am unworthy, for I have chosen this place.”

The next moment I will forever treasure. It was when He reached down to touch my shoulder that I turned and saw the ransom paper stamped with blood. Full and complete pardon, purchased by the One I had denied. My heart broke into a million pieces.

“It was I who should have died, not my Master!” Bitter tears streamed down my cheeks.

I should have spent the rest of my days weeping there, but He gently pulled me to my feet and whispered in my ear, “Follow me.”

I followed Him out into the land where sunlight never fades and together we entered the lush valley, where such blessed peace flowed like a river through my soul!

In all truth, those scenes are scripted from an unseen reality within the confines of my very soul. The High Hill of my life was a future spouse. Satan’s agenda was to ravage and ruin every corner of Christ’s rightful throne upon the High Place.

For a season, I had given control of that place to the enemy. A castle of personal ambition and desire ruled in my relationships. Even though tall trees of human performance attempted to hide the silly stone structure, I could not deny its presence.

My Savior entered the dark cell of my heart as I sat in a rustic stone chapel. His invitation was unveiled to me while I soaked in the beautiful, Christ-centered love story that God was building between two of my friends. Their absolute given-ness revealed that following the footsteps of our rightful King yields true soul freedom.

A few moments later, I bowed under the weight of those ransom papers signed in red. Christ’s invitation was clear: “Follow Me into the light which these soldiers know. Let Me write your story, too.”

I could not resist the kindness in His voice. By faith, I grasped the hand He offered and stepped out of the prison cell. Just as He had promised, the dark shroud of selfish pursuit fell from my eyes and I watched breathlessly as my crude castle built on lies fell completely flat.

Today, I walk forward on His promises. Christ is ever faithful to meet my true need and to quell the fleshly cravings of this human heart. His smile never fails to bring sweet warmth to the aching of my soul; and truly, in His presence is fullness of joy.*

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