Winter Elegance

Winter Elegance

by Leslie Ludy | January 1, 2012

A Word from Leslie

When colder weather hits, it’s easy to lose all desire for feminine elegance. Chilly air often tempts us to rush for our baggy sweats, UGG boots, and fuzzy stocking caps – forsaking skirts, tailored pants, and blouses until spring finally arrives. While there are certainly days when dressing in cozy fleece is perfectly fine, I believe that we shouldn’t throw feminine dignity out the door the moment the first snowfall hits. Cold weather doesn’t automatically necessitate sloppy clothing styles. But dressing with dignity in the wintertime does require some vision, planning, and creativity!

Being a naturally “cold-blooded” person myself, I have spent many frustrating winters trying to figure out how in the world to stay warm and still dress in a dignified way. Wearing oversize sweaters, fleece socks, and clunky boots kept me warm, but made me feel sloppy and unmotivated as I went about my daily tasks. Donning more feminine tops and skirts kept me huddled by the portable heater all day long. In the past few years I have finally found some cozy-yet-elegant options for cold-weather clothes and it has made such a difference in my outlook during the chilly months. Dressing with dignity shows respect to those I live and work with, and honors God’s pattern for my femininity; it places value on everything I do during the day, no matter how “mundane” it feels. It also combats the temptation toward laziness and lethargy that cold weather often brings.

Being around the setapartgirl team is always great inspiration when it comes to dressing with dignity. These young ladies don’t have loads of money to spend on winter clothes, but they always manage to look feminine and graceful, no matter what the season. I have asked them to share some of their own personal winter style tips with you – and I hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged by what you read. May your winter be filled with warmth and elegant style!


Since I’m one of those people who is almost always cold, winter can be a bit of a challenge for me. I’m often tempted to pile on thermal shirts and shapeless hoodies in an effort to stay warm. However, the result isn’t very ladylike or feminine. As daughters of the King, we have the great joy and privilege of being His image-bearers here on earth. One way we are able to reflect that His heavenly claim is upon us is the way we dress. Even though it is cold, we can still dress with grace and dignity. I love to layer clothes throughout the year, but especially during the chilly months. Classy cardigans are making a comeback, and these are a definite staple in my wardrobe! They are great over simple tees, dressy tops, or dresses. I also like to wear belts over my cardigans to change things up. Lately I’ve been having fun with cozy knee-high socks, from dependable neutrals to spunky argyles.


Whether it is hot or cold outside, the principles that govern the way I dress do not change. These principles are not based on the latest trends, or on what someone else wears, but they are based on the Word of God. I am a daughter of the King of kings, and I have a responsibility to honor Him on this earth in every aspect of my life – including dress. First Timothy 2:9 says, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with braided hair or gold, or pearls, or costly array...” When I get dressed in the morning I always ask myself, Does this outfit honor my heavenly Father? Does it honor my earthly father? Does it honor my future husband? In the winter, there is a tendency to pull out the oversize sweatshirts because they are comfy and warm. However, they are not always the most ladylike choice. Instead, sweaters can be equally warm and a bit more dignified.


In the wintertime, it is often easier to find clothes that are more modest, but it can still be a challenge to dress with ladylikeness and elegance when it would be easier to resort to whatever is cozy and warm. But as I have sought to be a young woman who reflects her King, I have realized more and more that dressing with feminine dignity is important no matter what the weather looks like. Skirts are not always on the top of my list when it is cold out, but wearing a pair of leggings underneath really helps keep the warmth in. Tall, warm boots is another great item to wear with a skirt, and I also like to wear hats and scarves to dress up my outfits and add some warmth. One of my favorite things to wear in the winter is a cute matching hat and scarf set. Usually I like pairing them with a sweater, a knee-length jean skirt with leggings underneath, and boots. It makes for a great casual, yet feminine outfit.


As snowflakes swirl with whimsical charm outside my window, my cheerful polka-dotted bathrobe rests dutifully on my shoulders and entices me with an offer of toasty comfort all the day long. Although I may favor the warmth of my bathrobe, I also understand the importance of dressing with ladylike distinction throughout the winter! During the colder months, I cannot deny that my partiality to summertime follows along behind me. I often rework season-variable clothing to fit the demands of winter. Summertime tops are layered with a three-quarter length sleeved sweater and scarf, while tea length skirts are layered with tights. Of course, rather than fur lining my flip flops for the winter season, I relish fuzzy socks concealed by functional, yet tasteful boots. While winter challenges the continuation of dressing with class, our dreams of dowdy layers quickly fizzle away as we gaze heavenward. No matter the weather, our God never changes – He is faithful and steadfast. As children of the Most High, every aspect our lives are to be radiant reflections of His nature, even in the seemingly smallish areas of life.*

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