Warrior-Poets Speak Up

Warrior-Poets Speak Up

by Anonymous Warrior Poet | May 1, 2011

Ever wonder what a warrior-poet guy is looking for in a wife? Last issue, we featured a powerful article from a warrior-poet-in-the-making about what kind of woman he’s waiting for. This was so well responded to that we decided to bring a few more guys in on the discussion. We wanted to show you, our readers, that warrior-poets who are caught up in heavenly agendas and waiting for their future wives are not extinct. And though we may be keeping their identities under wraps, these are real guys living life passionately for Christ. Each of them desires that you be encouraged in your set-apartness for your future husband, but more than anything, that you set your gaze fully upon your First Love, Jesus.

As a warrior-poet-in-the-making, what is something that you desire in your future wife?

I'm looking first and foremost for a woman who has given herself fully to Jesus. If she is radically surrendered to the Lord Jesus, I have a surety that she will also have a hunger to be a godly wife, mother, and friend.”

“It’s never easy to wait, but in God’s timing and in God’s way I know that He will direct me and my future wife together. If I were to give one attribute that I truly admire and would appreciate my future wife to exemplify, it would be that she has a complete willingness to go wherever God leads. God moves in ways far beyond what we could ever think or imagine and having that willingness to go wherever He calls is an amazing attribute. As a warrior-poet-in-the-making, I know that God calls us to sometimes do things far outside our comfort zone; but there is no better place to be than in the center of His will. I pray that God will instill this complete willingness to follow His call into my future wife, so we can serve Him wholeheartedly wherever He leads.”

“I want to marry a girl who is first of all completely devoted to Jesus, seeks God’s approval and not man’s, and who loves God with her whole life, seeking to bring Him glory in everything she does.”

“Mystique – as It says in 1 Peter, the “ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price” (1 Peter 3:4 KJV). I’ve seen so many girls who are loud, boisterous, or simply far too open about their private lives. There is a great need for true feminine mystique to return in our day. Honestly, I hate it when a girl plasters her every feeling on her Facebook wall. I want my wife to be a woman who doesn’t reveal every secret to me or, more importantly, to the entire world. The meek and quiet spirit is in God’s eyes incredibly precious, and so it is for me.”

“I would probably say the biggest thing would be her given-ness and surrender to Christ. Specifically in following hard after God, pressing into His Truth, and being firmly fixed in it. Also, having God’s heart for others and not being carried with every wave of mere human compassion.”

“I desperately desire my future wife to have a pure relationship with the Lover of her soul. I am nothing in comparison to my Jesus, and I know that what love I will have to give to my future wife is nothing compared to the love that is found in Jesus Christ. I pray that she will have a pure, untainted, passionate pursuit of loving her Savior, and that it will be without adulteration, free from the world and the wiles of the enemy. I know that if she loves the Redeemer with her whole heart, then she will be pure in our relationship. This is what I am looking and waiting for – a woman who has given her heart away to the only One worthy to have it.”

“One thing I want in a wife is that she would have a deep growl of God within, to inspire her man to stand for Truth, to never compromise – even in the toughest times. She would encourage me to take a firm stand even if it costs my very life, or even hers. She would count Christ so worthy of our lives that she wouldn’t only be willing for our marriage and family to be lost for the sake of Christ, but she would have a burning passion to point me toward that end, if we should face such a situation. I want her to have such a deep love of Christ that she would rejoice in the opportunity to be a part of a marriage and family that is counted worthy to suffer for Christ.”

“My biggest desire in a future wife is a passionate obsession for Jesus. If Jesus is her "one thing," then I know she will give all to go after Him. He will be the big deal, not me. If Jesus is her sole focus, she will have a desire for Jesus to take her life and spill it out on this world. Everything about her will radiate the Person and presence of Jesus. And for a warrior-poet, that is truly enchanting.”

What woman from Christian history stands out to you as a picture of Christ-built femininity and why?

“Elisabeth Elliot has been a great example. She sought after God first and foremost, waiting for God’s timing in her relationship with Jim Elliot. After they were married and started making contact with the Waodoni tribe, and after Jim had been killed, she did not hold her life and the life of her daughter as too precious to be spent for the cause of the Gospel.”

“Sabina Wurmbrand. She spoke the truth to her husband, prodding him to stand for Christ and not be a coward regardless of the cost. She also encouraged their son to turn to Jesus and hold on to Him, while she herself was in prison. She had the feminine strength of God-given grit to remain faithful, even in the toughest times. This to me is a beautiful picture of Godly femininity - remaining faithful to Jesus Christ in devastating times, a great encouragement to her husband and children, and being a statement of Christ to the powers that be.”

“From recent Christian history I would choose Leslie Ludy and Annie Wesche. These two women have been a picture of godly femininity – truly the greatest living expressions I have ever encountered. They are completely focused on Jesus, and they both have that combination Leslie often uses to describe femininity – the elegance of Audrey Hepburn with the poured-out life of Amy Carmichael. I count it amongst my greatest honors to see such radiant expressions of femininity in today's world.”

“From history past, there are so many great woman who stand out as pictures of Christ-built femininity: Amy Carmichael, Biddy Chambers, Fanny Crosby, Jackie Pullinger, Vibia Perpetua, Elisabeth Elliot, Catherine Booth, Corrie Ten Boom, Sabina Wurmbrand, and Gladys Aylward. But I honestly cannot narrow my decision down to a single individual. I am encouraged, captivated, and challenged by each of these women. One thing that stands out in each of their lives is their selfless abandon to Jesus. Each were willing to give up everything they had, even their lives, to see Jesus lifted high and His Name made much of. Many were hidden and never wanted to be known. Several were willing to be single all their lives if it meant Jesus could use them all the more. Each were radical and all were absolutely surrendered to their true Love, Jesus. These are the women whom my mind thinks of when I ponder being married. Though I am not worthy of such a Christ-built lady, and I myself am only in the beginning stages of becoming a heroic warrior-poet, these women have the very substance of the life I long to serve and fight for in my future wife.”

“I have recently read about Gladys Aylward in The Little Woman. This English woman had quite the adventurous life! Yet, through it all, her dependency was always upon the Lord. She was small, yet strong; bold, yet tender; broken, yet ever pressing onward. It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what the vessel looks like, so long as she is willing, she will be used.”

“I think I would say Elisabeth Elliot because she was faithful to God's calling and returned to the very people who killed her husband to share Christ with them. She did not hate them for killing her husband, but loved them enough to risk her own life in order to give them Jesus. That’s admirable.”

“Sarah Edwards was an incredible portrait of poured-out femininity. Here is what Jonathan Edwards (her husband) said about her:

They say there is a young lady in New Haven who is loved of that Great Being, who made and rules the world, and that there are certain seasons in which this Great Being, in some way or other invisible, comes to her and fills her mind with exceeding sweet delight; and that she hardly cares for anything, except to meditate on Him...You could not persuade her to do any thing wrong or sinful, if you would give her all the world, lest she should offend this Great Being. She is of a wonderful sweetness, calmness, and universal benevolence of mind; especially after this Great God has manifested Himself to her mind. She will sometimes go about from place to place, singing sweetly; and seems to be always full of joy and pleasure...She loves to be alone, walking in the fields and groves, and seems to have some one invisible always conversing with her.

That's the sort of woman I desire to marry!”

What would you say to encourage set-apart young women as they wait for a Christ-built warrior-poet?

“To all the set-apart young women out there, I encourage you to wait upon the Lord. He is preparing brave warrior-poets for set-apart girls like yourselves, but He must do a preparing work in each before a great marriage can shine forth. During this special season of singleness, focus on Christ wholeheartedly and the rest will come into place. When God decides you’re ready for a love story written by Him, there will be beauty beyond words. Until then, stay focused on Christ and follow His leading.”

“Look to the perfect warrior-poet! Cast all your cares on Him who saved your soul. Wait not on man, but on God. Do not be downcast at the wait that you may have to endure, but know that your warrior-poet is being trained by the very hands of Jesus. The same hands that were pierced are the same hands guiding the steps of your future warrior-poet. The wait is worth it. Know that the same set-apart life that you are living is being sought and lived by men of God also.”

“Life with Christ is an adventure; there is no doubt about that. However, it may not be the adventure you have imagined or longed for. Many women in the past thought they had the rest of the script figured out, only to find a sharp about-face turn on the next page. Let God lead you in all things. If you trust Him, you will find joy and life abundant, no matter where He takes you. He is your Shepherd; why should you want?”

“Do not focus on the warrior-poet, but rather upon the Warrior-Poet (Jesus). Make Him the big deal of your life. Get away from the nonsense of looking for the "right guy" and lose yourself in Jesus. It is when you are completely obsessed, lost in, consumed with Him, that He will orchestrate, in His perfect timing, an encounter with a true warrior-poet. I know we warrior-poets are seen as a rare treasure, but so is a true Christ-built woman of God. I am not interested in a "religious" girl, not even one who is radical – I want a woman of God who is grounded in the Word, who delights in Jesus alone, cares not what the world thinks, and dresses and behaves with the highest standard of modesty, dignity, and honor. It is far more appealing, enchanting, and romantic to find a godly woman who is lost in Jesus than one who is worried about finding the right guy to marry. But remember, our precious Jesus is faithful, good, and overflowing with love. Trust Him.”

“Make Christ your highest priority. Do not waste your time on temporal things that don’t really matter. Our lives are too short and the cause of Christ too grand to waste time on trivial matters. Do not put off serving God now because you think you are too young, too busy, or too unprepared. Make it your goal to give yourself to His service now, and not just later.”

“Spend your years of singleness lavishly upon Christ. You can do things right now as a young single woman that a married woman with children just can’t do. Study the Word of God voraciously. Give yourself in service to your King. Your future husband will love the virtues that result from such disciplines!”

“I would like to encourage all set-apart young women to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. Don't be anxious, but wait upon the Lord. His timing is always perfect.”

“God is building men with Christ’s steel as their strength. He is creating men to be what they were meant to be. We are all a work in progress, so wait for God’s perfect timing and don’t give in to fear and try to progress God’s work for Him. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Pray that God would build your future man into a man with the grit and guts of God living inside of him. Practice being a strong encourager to your father and brothers, or even the men God has placed in your life, if you don’t have a father or brothers to practice on. Remember, you are practicing for the kingdom of heaven, so do this in all purity toward the men in your life and not to get their attention. There’s just something powerful and beautiful about this, and it does something for the courage of a man when a godly woman encourages him on toward a deeper walk in Christ! Allow God to do a deeper work in your own life and create within you all He would have you to be. Live a life surrendered to Christ and His will, in all things bearing the cross that He has called you to bear, and you will live a life with no regrets!”

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