About Set Apart Motherhood

About Set Apart Motherhood

Q&A with Leslie Ludy

by Leslie Ludy | September 11, 2014


Set Apart Girl:  What inspired you to launch setapartmotherhood.com?

Leslie Ludy:  For several years, setapartgirl.com has helped women bring Christ into the center of their femininity.  By the same token, young moms need Biblical insight and practical inspiration for bringing Christ into the center of their mothering.  (Being a young mom myself, I know this need quite well!)  On the new website, I invite readers to come along on my own journey toward becoming a set-apart mother and I share the most important spiritual lessons God has been teaching me during this season as a mother of young children.  My desire is that young moms (as well as young women who desire a God-centered vision for their future family) will be encouraged, inspired, and equipped with Biblical and practical tools for the daily challenges of motherhood.  When we invite God into the center of our love stories, we discover beauty and fulfillment, and the same is true with motherhood.  When we attempt to tackle motherhood in our own strength and with our own wisdom, we will end up defeated and discouraged.  But when we welcome God into the center of each motherhood challenge that we face, we discover the joy, beauty, and fulfillment He intended us to experience in this sacred call of mothering.

Set Apart Girl:  In addition to rich and inspiring content, your new website also has beautiful photography of mothers and their children.  What led you to include this photography on the new site?

Leslie Ludy:  There is a common mindset today that young moms are always exhausted, frazzled, and stressed.  While motherhood is certainly not easy and there are plenty of moments when we might feel overwhelmed, God doesn’t intend us to accept defeat or mediocrity in our mothering.  Psalm 113:9 says that He wants to make us into “joyful mothers of children,” and Proverbs 31 says that a godly mother is “clothed with strength and dignity.”  I wanted our new website to capture the beauty and joy of Christ-centered motherhood.  Annie Wesche, our Creative Director, has been working with some amazing photographers who have a God-given gift for capturing the sparkle of godly motherhood through their camera lens, and they have been gracious enough to share their incredible photography talents with our readers!

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Set Apart Girl:  How often do you post new content to setapartmotherhood.com?

Leslie Ludy:  At the start of each week, I release a new article on Christ-centered mothering, sharing specific ways that God is challenging me to be a set-apart in my motherhood role.  These weekly articles are compiled into 10-part themed series, such as “Purposeful Mothering” or “Joyful Mothering.”  At our online store, you can purchase each of these 10-part series in a beautiful devotional magazine format or you can just subscribe to the website and receive a notice in your inbox each week when the new article is released!  Visit our online store for details!

Each time I post a new article online, you can also read new comments from other set-apart mothers who share how they are personally applying these principles in their own unique situations and family lives.


Set Apart Girl:  What is the vision behind the themed devotional magazines?

Leslie Ludy:  Our hope is that women will keep these devotional magazines (on their coffee tables, bedside stand, in their carry bag, etc.) so that anytime they are in need of an encouraging reminder of God’s heart for set-apart motherhood, they can pick up the Devotional Magazine and be freshly inspired!  The beautiful photography and Biblical content is a perfect tool to renew, refresh, and refuel in God’s strength for the daily challenges of motherhood.  These MagBooks also make beautiful gifts for the moms in your life!

Set Apart Girl:  How does the content on the website differ from the material in your new book, Set Apart Motherhood?

Leslie Ludy:  Set Apart Motherhood lays the foundation for what Christ-centered motherhood is all about, much like my book Set Apart Femininity lays the foundation for what Christ-centered womanhood is all about. In Set Apart Motherhood, I delve deep into key principles such as prayerful mothering, becoming a fearless mother, building your home into a godly sanctuary, and overcoming frazzle with peace.  On the website, I share more about the practical, daily ways in which I’m applying these principles in my home and family life.  I encourage all my readers to read Set Apart Motherhood, as the material on the website will be even more applicable once you have become familiar with the foundation principles of the book!


Set Apart Girl:  Can a young woman who is not yet a mother benefit from the new website?

Leslie Ludy:  Absolutely!  In fact, I really wish that I’d had a resource like this before having kids.  Our culture tends to paint such a negative picture of motherhood and family life (i.e. having kids will ruin your life, your home will be chaos, etc.) that young women need a fresh, God-inspired vision for what motherhood was intended to be!  If someone had told me “motherhood can be beautiful when Christ is at the center of it” before I had kids, I probably would have started my family much sooner!  But because I heard so many defeated messages, I was afraid to move in that direction for many years.  My hope and prayer is that this new book and website will help young women catch a vision for God’s amazing pattern for Christ-centered motherhood, even long before they have children of their own.

Set Apart Girl:  How are young women and young moms responding to the message of Set Apart Motherhood?

Leslie Ludy:  The response has been tremendous, and so encouraging!  Women are really rallying around this vision for Christ-centered mothering.  You can read some wonderful first-hand responses to the message.


Set Apart Girl:  Do you have one piece of encouragement that you would say is the key to becoming a set-apart mother?

Leslie Ludy:  Keep your relationship with Christ at the center of your life.  Don’t just fit Him into your life; build your life around Him.  Yes, cultivating a strong relationship with Christ is more challenging when you have children.  But when prayer and time in God’s presence seems the most impractical, that’s when we actually need it the most!  Don’t automatically run to the temporary distractions of the world (social media, television, movies, etc.) to give you the rest and refueling you need.  Rather, do whatever it takes to keep your relationship with Christ first, and you will have all of the strength, wisdom, and joy that you need to thrive rather than just survive in your motherhood journey!