True Joy
Finding Happiness that Lasts

by Leslie Ludy

The air felt oppressively hot and sticky.  A haze of dust and grime engulfed me as I watched dirty, half-naked children scamper around the rows of ramshackle cardboard houses.  It was hard to fathom that hundreds of people actually lived in this cramped, filthy neighborhood — one of many “colonias” (poor, make-shift communities) near Juarez, Mexico.  Most of the ho


Treasuring Christ Above All Else

by Heather Cofer

I absolutely love this time of the year, watching fall turn into winter. It is such a peaceful season. Even November (which one of my favorite fictional characters, Anne of Green Gables, named the ugliest month of the year) has something quite still and beautiful about it. And I have always enjoyed the holiday season with the white lights, candles, and pine wreaths.