delighting in Christ


A Heart Like His
Serving Because of Love

by Heather Cofer

My four-year-old son, Jude, and two-year-old daughter, Jenesis, were thrilled to wake up on a frosty morning last December to see a beautiful blanket of snow and big, fluffy flakes still falling plentifully from the sky. They decided breakfast was less important than beginning their snowy adventures, so they eagerly slipped into their winter gear and ran outside into the yard.


Hearing God's Voice
A Biblical Approach to Decision-Making

by Leslie Ludy

The scent of tropical sunscreen mingled with the aroma of spicy Mexican food as Eric (my husband, who was then nineteen) sat in the oversized restaurant booth, crunching on tortilla chips and engaging in small talk with his fellow camp counselors. They had just ended a week of being “good spiritual influences” for several hundred kids at a Christian summer camp.


How do I make Jesus my all?

How do I make Jesus my all? I am saved but I know that I haven't made Jesus my all. I want Him to be, but I am not sure how to make that happen.


Secure and Satisfied Singleness
Staying Your Heart Upon Your Trustworthy King

by Annie Wesche

MY PRINCE, MY CASTLE, & MY KING The train rolled steadily along as I watched droplets of rain gently tap the window beside me.  I watched one English town after the next pass by in a blur, feeling a combination of intense apprehension and joyful excitement.  After a year of praying, planning, and dreaming, I was finally on my way to Bible college in the breathtaking Lake District of


The Sweeter Delight
Exchanging Our Desires for His

by Jasmin Howell

I sat on my bed in the attic of the little house in Nashville, wrestling with the reality that a lifelong dream was coming to an end. In the morning, I would be loading up the car to drive back home to Canada. Three months earlier, I had arrived in the city of my dreams with hopes to cut a record in the Christian music industry.


Marathon of Love

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

I recently heard a wise, older pastor make a very helpful statement. He was remarking on the tension between loving God with our hearts and loving God with our mind and how they often seem at odds with each other.


Life as Trees

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

God’s PicturesImagine with me two trees. One is planted in a beautiful, lush valley alongside a massive river. Its roots sink deep into the rich soil, its core is filled with the sap of life, its height is magnificent and brawny, and its branches are filled with healthy, delightful fruit.