eternal perspective


Becoming His Hands and Feet
How Child Sponsorship Changed Our Family

by Leslie Ludy

The chapel was vacant and dark. Hudson, my four-year-old son, ran happily around the big empty room as a small group of our friends and co-workers explored the facility...

True Beauty

Purposeful Femininity
Living in Light of Eternity—A Proverbs 31 Series

by Leslie Ludy

The women that I admire most—both now and throughout history—are women who have chosen to live their lives on purpose for Jesus Christ. They are women who build their lives around His priorities instead of frittering away their time on the meaningless distractions of the world.Take, for instance, Corrie ten Boom, who traveled the world to share the Gospel—even into her old age.


Esther Ahn Kim
The Power of Suffering Well for Christ

by Leslie Ludy

Korea 1929Esther Ahn Kim walked slowly up the hill to the shrine with her students following silently behind her. The young teacher knew that when she arrived at the place of worship she would be forced to make a life-altering choice.

The Gospel

Gospel Grounded Femininity
The True Source of Set-Apartness

by Lydia CoveyGuest Writers

I settled down in a small corner of the café with a steaming bowl of soup, ready for a quiet hour to journal after a busy day. Quickly I realized it wouldn’t be very quiet as a loud group of women began gathering near me. I tried shutting their conversation out but couldn’t help overhearing the dynamic conversation.