The God of Miracles
Experiencing the Power of God in Your Daily Life

by Leslie Ludy

Cannot the same wonders be done now as of old? Do not the eyes of the Lord still run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those who put their trust in Him? Oh, that God would give me more practical faith in Him! Where now is the Lord God of Elijah?


Facing Setbacks

I've seemed to continually face setbacks as I've pursued my dream career and just recently had to let go of my dreams entirely.  Why would God allow this to happen?


The Garment of Praise

by Jasmin Howell

I watched the funds in our bank account dwindle with every passing day. Abrupt recent changes to our economy had negatively affected both my husband’s and my job. We didn’t have much income on the horizon, and I was waking up daily with a sense of fear and restlessness about the future.


Gladys Aylward
The Power of Childlike Faith

by Leslie Ludy

God’s dreamers are always impractical — but in the end, some of their dreams come true.-Amy CarmichaelAbout seven years ago God gave my husband, Eric, and I the nudge to start a discipleship training college. But the idea was completely impractical.


Life Decision Making
Applying Wisdom to the Course of Life

by the setapartgirl Team

Some are big, some are small. We begin making decisions from the moment we open our eyes in the morning: what am I going to wear? What am I going to eat for breakfast? Should I do my grocery shopping this morning or this afternoon? Other decisions are much more weighty than that, and have a great significance, sometimes even changing the direction of our lives.