The Gift of Parents
The Importance of Cherishing Your God-Given Teammates

by Heather Cofer

My husband Judah and I have a beautiful and unique love story. In short, we met in Mongolia when we were 12 years old, where both of our families were missionaries, started a long distance relationship when we were 17, and after two and a half years of crossing the pacific ocean every six months to see each other,


Brothers: The Mission Field Down the Hall

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

Brothers. Yes, those are the strange male creatures that aren’t your father, but that roam your house anyway, often making their home in the bedroom next door to yours. Reports show that brothers in the “Teenagious Awkwardious” stage of development can be particularly gangly and just plain weird...


About Set Apart Motherhood
Q&A with Leslie Ludy

by Leslie Ludy

 Set Apart Girl:  What inspired you to launch Ludy:  For several years, has helped women bring Christ into the center of their femininity.  By the same token, young moms need Biblical insight and practical inspiration for bringing Christ into the center of their mothering.  (Being a young mom myself, I know this need quite wel