guarding your heart


Set-Apartness in Social Media
Glorifying God in Your Digital Conduct.

by Leslie Ludy

A Diary Made PublicKate's StoryKate sipped her latte and glanced around the cozy coffee shop trying to gather her thoughts.  Suddenly, she smiled.  She’d just thought of the perfect title for her newest blog post.

True Beauty

What is Feminine Mystery?

What are some good examples of feminine mystery?  I've heard it mentioned before, but I don't exactly know what it is, or how I am to live it out.


An Undivided Heart
A Biblical Approach to Pop-Culture Entertainment

by Leslie Ludy

The movie theater lights grew dim as a quiet expectancy fell over the audience. I relaxed in my plush stadium seat and eagerly awaited the opening credits to come onto the screen. It had been a long, emotionally exhausting week, and I was ready to be distracted from my worries...


The Vigilant Heart

by Jasmin Howell

I preface this article by saying I have always been incredibly social and I love people. This quality has been a blessing in my life the more I have learned to speak and act in relationships with wisdom, but in my youth it sometimes got me in trouble.


Be Not Deceived
How to Know if a Warrior-Poet Really is One

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

I would like to take a moment and, on behalf of warrior-poets everywhere, apologize for the fact that there are impostor warrior-poets. Actually, there are a whole bunch of them, far too many. And frankly, we true warrior-poets-in-the-making have a very low regard for them.