Honoring Authority
Regaining the Lost Art of Godly Respect

by Leslie Ludy

The youth room resounded with clamor as twenty rambunctious teens flopped onto garage-sale couches and tattered beanbags.


Guarding Against Gossip
Honoring Others with Every Word

by Leslie Ludy

...[The tongue] is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.  With it, we bless our God...Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing.


The Only Path that Leads to True Honor.

by Heather Cofer

The auditorium buzzed with noise and activity as people arrived and found their seats, waiting for the high school musical to begin. I had been invited to attend the event with two girls who were several years older than me, which, at fifteen, was a huge honor. As the three of us chatted together, a woman named Cindy* (the former youth leader of one of the girls I was with) came up to say hello.


The Garment of Praise

by Jasmin Howell

I watched the funds in our bank account dwindle with every passing day. Abrupt recent changes to our economy had negatively affected both my husband’s and my job. We didn’t have much income on the horizon, and I was waking up daily with a sense of fear and restlessness about the future.


Inspiring Men Toward Honor
The Power of Protecting the Sacred

by Leslie Ludy

A friendly, pleasant warmth filled the kitchen as the group gathered around the center island, filling their cups with tea and hot apple cider and talking congenially. It was time for another Thursday evening Bible study and everyone was looking forward to a time of Christian fellowship and encouragement.


Brothers: The Mission Field Down the Hall

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

Brothers. Yes, those are the strange male creatures that aren’t your father, but that roam your house anyway, often making their home in the bedroom next door to yours. Reports show that brothers in the “Teenagious Awkwardious” stage of development can be particularly gangly and just plain weird...


Rejecting Love Gracefully

by Elsje Zornes

Alright ladies, this is something we’ve all faced – to varying degrees – at some point in our lives, and many of us have banged our heads against the wall trying to figure out just how this should be done. Rejecting love is never easy, nor romantic.