Choosing the Lowest Place
Keeping Our Eyes on a Better Prize

by Leslie Ludy

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who ...


Loving not Judging

My best friends have started to make choices that I am not comfortable with.  How do I go about loving them and standing up for what I believe in without coming off as judging them or thinking I am "better" than them?


The Only Path that Leads to True Honor.

by Heather Cofer

The auditorium buzzed with noise and activity as people arrived and found their seats, waiting for the high school musical to begin. I had been invited to attend the event with two girls who were several years older than me, which, at fifteen, was a huge honor. As the three of us chatted together, a woman named Cindy* (the former youth leader of one of the girls I was with) came up to say hello.


Stay Focused

by Heather Cofer

There is an interstate here in Colorado that I really dislike driving on. It is busy almost all the time, and is known for its bad accidents. One day as I was driving on a particularly busy stretch of this road, I noticed the car next to me was getting dangerously close.


Dealing with Conflict in a Healthy Way

by Elsje ZornesHeather Cofer

Conflict is a natural and normal growing pain of any maturing relationship. When two people— often two very different people—live together as husband and wife, differences and opposing opinions are bound to poke their heads out at some point. Conflict is not a problem, nor is it a sin. The way we settle it, however, can quickly become both if we allow the flesh to be in charge.