Set-Apartness in Social Media
Glorifying God in Your Digital Conduct.

by Leslie Ludy

A Diary Made PublicKate's StoryKate sipped her latte and glanced around the cozy coffee shop trying to gather her thoughts.  Suddenly, she smiled.  She’d just thought of the perfect title for her newest blog post.



I've been struggling with boredom recently and I don't quite know how to handle it.  I want to be content, enjoy every day and accept it as a blessing.  How am I supposed to handle boredom?


Sprinting Towards Difficulty Instead of Shrinking From It

by Jasmin Howell

It was a hot summer’s day in 1923. A young Scotsman named Eric Liddell took his place at the starting line next to the other runners, gearing up for a challenging 400-meter race as an expectant crowd watched from the sidelines. As the starting pistol cracked, he bolted from his position like a bullet, tearing down the racetrack with incredible intensity.


Here & Now
Living for Christ Today

by Heather Cofer

I walked into our bedroom late one night at the end of a very busy, long week…and there it was. The pile of laundry that had been slowly growing for several days now loomed in front of me like an insurmountable summit of shirts and socks and towels.

True Beauty

Purposeful Femininity
Living in Light of Eternity—A Proverbs 31 Series

by Leslie Ludy

The women that I admire most—both now and throughout history—are women who have chosen to live their lives on purpose for Jesus Christ. They are women who build their lives around His priorities instead of frittering away their time on the meaningless distractions of the world.Take, for instance, Corrie ten Boom, who traveled the world to share the Gospel—even into her old age.