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What do you think about jobs that aren't necessarily "Christian"? Is it possible to live a set apart life for God and have a "regular" job? (Such as being an interior designer, photographer, nutritionist, etc.) 


Becoming a Bravehearted Woman
The World-Changing Power of Christ-Centered Femininity

by Leslie Ludy

The stillness of the African night was shattered by a piercing scream. Fair-skinned, red-haired Mary Slessor hurried out of her hut, a concerned look on her face. As she stood listening, she heard the sound of yelling and drumming growing steadily louder in the distance.

The Gospel

Gospel Grounded Femininity
The True Source of Set-Apartness

by Lydia CoveyGuest Writers

I settled down in a small corner of the café with a steaming bowl of soup, ready for a quiet hour to journal after a busy day. Quickly I realized it wouldn’t be very quiet as a loud group of women began gathering near me. I tried shutting their conversation out but couldn’t help overhearing the dynamic conversation.