The Struggle of Obedience
Living for Jesus No Matter the Cost

by Heather Cofer

I walked into the living room to find toys scattered everywhere and a very forlorn figure sitting in the midst of them.


She Opens Her Arms
Embracing a Lifestyle of Sacrificial Living

by Leslie Ludy

A few months ago a repairman was working on a project at our house while our six children sat eating lunch around the kitchen table.  “Oh, do you run a daycare?” he asked as he observed them.  Chuckling, I told him that all the kids were ours.  He seemed shocked by my words.  “Seriously?”  I smiled and nodded, telling him that we had adopted four of


The Way to Deeper Intimacy with the Savior

by Elsje Zornes

“If only God would bring a romantic relationship into my life, then I wouldn’t be lonely and purity wouldn’t be such a strain.” “If only I had a decent amount of encouragement, then taking a stand for truth would come easily.” “If only I was a morning person, then getting up early for prayer would be as effortless as finding a grain of sand on the beach.&r