preparing for marriage


Four Ways to Prepare for a Successful Marriage
Or Strengthen the One You Already Have

by Leslie Ludy

Internet matchmaking services.  Dating apps.  Singles groups.  Compatibility tests.  Breakthrough secrets that promise to help you snare the man of your dreams in only two months.  Books that share the best flirting techniques.  Reality shows that turn romance into a fierce, drama-filled competition.Our modern world is overflowing with trendy new ways to help you find


Why I Don't Want to Marry a Church Girl

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

I Have a Secret Confession.I’ve thought a lot about it over the years and need to get it out in the open. Once you hear it, you may call me crazy. You likely won’t understand what I mean, but it’s still true. I’ve talked with other warrior poets over the years and many of them agree with me.Okay, okay. I won’t put it off any longer.


The Gift of Parents
The Importance of Cherishing Your God-Given Teammates

by Heather Cofer

My husband Judah and I have a beautiful and unique love story. In short, we met in Mongolia when we were 12 years old, where both of our families were missionaries, started a long distance relationship when we were 17, and after two and a half years of crossing the pacific ocean every six months to see each other,


Preparing to Marry a Warrior Poet

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

Sabina Wurmbrand’s life made an impact that has reverberated into innumerable lives. Imagine yourself in Romania, in 1945. Communism has recently stormed Romania and is raining torrents of hatred and persecution upon the Christians. They've also taken a more subtle approach through seeking to slither their way into the inner ranks of the Church.