More Than Clothing
Allowing Our Lives to Reflect His Radiance

by Jasmin Howell

Going Through the Bargain BinWhen I was in my teens, a good friend with a knack for thrift store shopping introduced me to the local Value Village and Goodwill stores, with their tantalizing sale racks and bulging bargain bins. And as the old saying goes, it was love at first sight.


A Closet Without Conformity

by the setapartgirl Team

“It’s too hard to find anything modest within my budget” “If I didn’t have such long legs, maybe I’d be able to find a skirt that covers my knees.”“Well, at least I’m dressing more modestly than most girls my age.”“But it’s the only top I have that matches my favorite skirt.”“I’m just going to be hanging


Dressing with Dignity in Hot Weather

by Leslie Ludy

The other day in the grocery store, my eye caught a heading on the cover of a popular women’s magazine. It was claiming to have an article revealing all the secrets needed to look your best during the “nearly-naked season” – summer. The world uses summer as an excuse to strip down to the bare essentials and become as sexy and sultry as possible.