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Guarding Feminine Mystery
In Today’s Digitally-Obsessed World

by Leslie Ludy

Part One: A Remarkable Love StoryLieutenant John Blanchard stood in Grand Central Station, oblivious to the crowd bustling and scurrying around him.  With a racing heart, he fixed his eyes on the big clock towering overhead.  It was almost time.  At six o’clock, he would meet the girl he thought he loved — but had never met.  As the minutes ticked by, he kept wonder


In Every Season
Embracing God's Pattern in our Last Days of Singleness

by Heather Cofer

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.  Commit your way to the Lord; Trust in Him, and he will act.Psalm 37:4-5 ESVI remember the moment I learned about her concerns.


Handfuls of Purpose
Thriving in Singleness

by Sarah Guthrie

...then let her surrender herself, and follow God along whatever path her loving Lord thinks fit to lead her: whether it be to contemplation or action, to usefulness or enjoyment; whether in sorrow or in joy, let her follow on.– Tauler It was a summer day in sunny Colorado ... yet my mind was 2,000 miles east of where I stood.


Beyond Promise Rings
Cultivating Purity that Lasts

by Leslie Ludy

Stacey’s eyes overflowed with regretful tears as she watched the lovely bride walk down the aisle in her dazzling white gown. She tried to concentrate on the wedding ceremony but couldn’t keep thoughts of shame and remorse from filling her mind. How would she feel at her own wedding someday, wearing a white dress but inwardly knowing she had given away her purity?


Hearing God's Voice
A Biblical Approach to Decision-Making

by Leslie Ludy

The scent of tropical sunscreen mingled with the aroma of spicy Mexican food as Eric (my husband, who was then nineteen) sat in the oversized restaurant booth, crunching on tortilla chips and engaging in small talk with his fellow camp counselors. They had just ended a week of being “good spiritual influences” for several hundred kids at a Christian summer camp.


Four Ways to Prepare for a Successful Marriage
Or Strengthen the One You Already Have

by Leslie Ludy

Our modern world is overflowing with trendy new ways to help you find a spouse and build a successful, satisfying relationship. But do these methods really work? Do they actually lead to true and lasting love? If you’ve ever asked these question, you are not alone.


His Way is Perfect
The Unmatched Beauty of a Romance Built by God

by Leslie Ludy

During most of my single years I was on a desperate search for true love. I was convinced that if I could only find the right guy—the knight in shining armor I’d always dreamed of—I would finally be happy and fulfilled. Despite my fairy tale ideals


Beyond the Search for Mr. Right
Using Your Single Years Well

by Leslie Ludy

I’d like to let you in on a little-known secret: If you are single, God has a much higher calling upon your life than spending all your time and energy trying to snag a husband.(Shocking, I know.)While such a statement may seem obvious when it’s written out in black and white, in real life it can easily become blurry.


Preparing to Marry a Warrior Poet

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

Sabina Wurmbrand’s life made an impact that has reverberated into innumerable lives. Imagine yourself in Romania, in 1945. Communism has recently stormed Romania and is raining torrents of hatred and persecution upon the Christians. They've also taken a more subtle approach through seeking to slither their way into the inner ranks of the Church.


A Woman Who Surrendered Everything

by Leslie Ludy

Probably the biggest fear that single women deal with is that if they don’t take matters into their own hands, they will miss out on the opportunity to be married. Today’s guys are not well-trained in the art of winning, pursuing, and cherishing the heart of a woman.