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The Gospel

Eyes to See

Annie Wesche

As I drove down Main Street, the late hour and the quiet of our small town made it easy for me to ponder on the uncomfortable burden on my heart. God had opened my eyes to how self-focused my life had become. I lived alone, cooked whatever I was in the mood for, worked from home, and filled my evenings and weekends with personal projects and whatever else I wanted to do.


It's All Worship

Annie Wesche

Jesus answered him, “It is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’”  Luke 4:8

“It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.”  Col. 3:24b

True Beauty

Beautiful to Him

Annie Wesche

The living room was empty and I sat alone in the suffocating heat.  I had lived in Haiti for more than a year already and had found ways to deal with the humidity, constant sweating, and even the rats, bats, and bugs.


Letters from the Mission Field
Count it All Joy—Welcoming Trials as Friends

by Annie Wesche

Haiti 2014To my dear friend, Did you grow up hearing about the great missionaries in Christian history, like I did? To me, theirs were the real adventure stories, and I ate them up like the last berries on the bush, each one savored.


His Sacred Task

Annie Wesche

Faith is not faith unless it is tested.  And the single woman who entrusts her future love story to God certainly has before her a mighty test of faith, especially in our world today.  As the years of singleness follow one after the other, will she choose to turn to the world’s pattern or will she stand unwaveringly, trusting in her God?


Never Too Much

by Annie Wesche

“It’s too much for you.”  “This is too hard.”  “No one should have to go through that - it’s too much.”  Many of us have heard these words from friends and loved ones in our lives.  They are well meaning statements coming from those


He Has Made Me Glad

by Annie Wesche

If  you grew up with the movie Pollyanna  hallmarking your childhood, as I did, you were probably  drawn to the little leading lady’s undefeatable happy heart and her ability  to make those around her happy  too.