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Going to Jail - A God-Given Compassion

by Jess Schwartz

“Gulp! Did I really sign up for this!” I thought nervously as I walked through the white-washed halls of the county jail.


Choosing Joy

by Jess Schwartz

I ventured out on a run. As my feet methodically hit the pavement, my mind turned inward, and not on productive thoughts. To put it bluntly, I was worrying, fretting, and moping. I regret to admit that the argument could easily have been made that I was throwing myself a pity-party.


What Has God Taught You Personally About Forgiveness?
The Set Apart Girl Team Answers the Question

by Heather Coferthe setapartgirl TeamJess SchwartzJasmin Howell

Jess says:Unforgiveness and bitterness walk hand-in-hand. We often think that these two wily fellows can be kept contained in nice little pots, reserved to poison just one person, but that isn’t the case. They always spread to other parts of the garden of our heart and wreak havoc in our other relationships.

The Gospel

Sharing Christ in Daily Life

by Jess Schwartz

Let me share a little nugget that I’ve been realizing more and more in the past few weeks: talking about Jesus is really—and I mean really—exciting! Is it daunting to talk about Him to those you don’t know? Yes, I can’t deny that it can make one’s knees knock together, especially at first.