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Secure and Satisfied Singleness
Staying Your Heart Upon Your Trustworthy King

by Annie Wesche

MY PRINCE, MY CASTLE, & MY KINGThe train rolled steadily along as I watched droplets of rain gently tap the window beside me.  I watched one English town after the next pass by in a blur, feeling a combination of intense apprehension and joyful excitement.  After a year of praying, planning, and dreaming, I was finally on my way to Bible college in the breathtaking Lake District of E


His Sacred Task

Annie Wesche

Faith is not faith unless it is tested.  And the single woman who entrusts her future love story to God certainly has before her a mighty test of faith, especially in our world today.  As the years of singleness follow one after the other, will she choose to turn to the world’s pattern or will she stand unwaveringly, trusting in her God?