A Well-Ordered Life
Building a Lifestyle That reflects God's Nature

by Leslie Ludy

Betsie ten Boom always had a special gift for creating beauty. Her family did not have much money, but somehow through the years Betsie always managed to add a sparkle of loveliness and warmth to each room in their house.


Facing Setbacks

I've seemed to continually face setbacks as I've pursued my dream career and just recently had to let go of my dreams entirely.  Why would God allow this to happen?


Sprinting Towards Difficulty Instead of Shrinking From It

by Jasmin Howell

It was a hot summer’s day in 1923. A young Scotsman named Eric Liddell took his place at the starting line next to the other runners, gearing up for a challenging 400-meter race as an expectant crowd watched from the sidelines. As the starting pistol cracked, he bolted from his position like a bullet, tearing down the racetrack with incredible intensity.


Seeking the Return of Godly Masculinity

by Mandy Saeler

My eyes nearly doubled in size the first time I saw the clip-on “man bun” for sale online. Sheer shock, a laugh of disbelief, and the sobering reality of the present state of our culture all washed over me in a matter of seconds.


It's All Worship

Annie Wesche

Jesus answered him, “It is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’”  Luke 4:8

“It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.”  Col. 3:24b


Here & Now
Living for Christ Today

by Heather Cofer

I walked into our bedroom late one night at the end of a very busy, long week…and there it was. The pile of laundry that had been slowly growing for several days now loomed in front of me like an insurmountable summit of shirts and socks and towels.


Dabbling in Darkness
The Danger of Making Evil Things “Cute”

by Leslie Ludythe setapartgirl Team

An Intro from LeslieA girl I knew was struggling with nightmares and fearful, irrational thoughts on a nearly-constant basis. One afternoon as we met together for prayer, she casually mentioned that she’d just come from a movie. When she told me which one she’d seen, I was taken aback.


Meddling with Darkness

After reading some Set Apart Girl articles about not meddling with darkness, I realized that you bring up the Twilight series rather frequently as an example. Since we are not supposed to have anything to do with the occult and things of darkness such as witchcraft...can we read about mythical creatures in fantasy-based books?


In the Hands of the Great Physician

Heather Cofer

I’ve been walking through a season of lots of medical testing lately. I’ve had some different health issues for years, and it is coming to the place when it seems time to try to find some answers. 


Beyond Good Intentions

Jasmin Howell

Confession: I often begin projects with great enthusiasm but then struggle to finish them.  It’s all too easy for me start out with good intentions, only to have them falter after I lose the initial excitement.