The Gospel

The Gospel

Sharing the Gospel in Everyday Life

by the setapartgirl Team

What comes to your mind when you hear the words, “sharing the Gospel”? Some may think of it as approaching someone with a checklist of “Yes or No” questions about Jesus and the Bible, and praying a prayer to “ask Jesus into your heart.” But it isn’t that simple. There is so much more to the Gospel than this!

The Gospel

Gospel Grounded Femininity
The True Source of Set-Apartness

by Lydia CoveyGuest Writers

I settled down in a small corner of the café with a steaming bowl of soup, ready for a quiet hour to journal after a busy day. Quickly I realized it wouldn’t be very quiet as a loud group of women began gathering near me. I tried shutting their conversation out but couldn’t help overhearing the dynamic conversation.

The Gospel

The Weight of Our Words

by Elsje Zornes

One of my favorite things as a little girl was the bedtime story we heard every night right before we drifted off into blissful slumber.

The Gospel

Preach Christ at All Times
If Necessary, Use Words

by Leslie Ludy

A college student named Amanda recently asked me, “How can I share about God’s Truth to all the lukewarm Christians in my life? I get so frustrated seeing their mediocrity and I just don’t know how to get through to them!”It’s a sentiment to which many of us can relate.