Set Apart Girl

Returning to Christ-Centered Femininity - The Ministry of Leslie Ludy, the co-founder of Ellerslie Mission Society.

Conflict is a natural and normal growing pain of any maturing relationship. When two people— often two very different people—live together as husband and wife, differences and opposing opinions are bound to poke their heads out at some point. Conflict is not a problem, nor is it a sin. The way we settle it, however, can quickly become both if we allow the flesh to be in charge. If you’ve spent any time reading pre-marriage counseling books, you are no stranger to the overabundance of advice for couples on the topic of conflict resolution. Yet so many of those the rest here.

Not long ago Eric and I sat down with a soon-to-be-married couple that had gone from a vibrant, Christ-centered, God-scripted romance to an impure, mediocre, run-of-the-mill “Christian” relationship in a matter of weeks. Selfish desires had taken over, Jesus Christ had been pushed to the back burner, and it didn’t take long for the fairy tale sparkle to disappear. It’s something Eric and I have seen time and time again in working with the younger generation. When it comes to honoring God in romance, what starts out with the best of intentions often ends with the the rest here.

My life forever changed on the evening of September 1, 2011. It happened in my parent’s house, in a room dancing with soft candlelight and the beauty of pure white roses.  On that night, a man knelt before me and asked me to spend my life with him. It was perfect and everything I had dreamed of as a little girl.   Among a thousand other thoughts that raced through my mind that night, was the thought of how I was now able to embark upon the journey of planning a wedding. I could let my creativity run wild and dream up all kinds of loveliness to create a memorable day: the rest here.

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