Engagement & Marriage


Dealing with Conflict in a Healthy Way

by Elsje ZornesHeather Cofer

Conflict is a natural and normal growing pain of any maturing relationship. When two people— often two very different people—live together as husband and wife, differences and opposing opinions are bound to poke their heads out at some point. Conflict is not a problem, nor is it a sin. The way we settle it, however, can quickly become both if we allow the flesh to be in charge.


A God-Scripted Engagement
Honoring Christ as You Approach Your Wedding Day

by Leslie Ludy

Not long ago Eric and I sat down with a soon-to-be-married couple that had gone from a vibrant, Christ-centered, God-scripted romance to an impure, mediocre, run-of-the-mill “Christian” relationship in a matter of weeks. Selfish desires had taken over, Jesus Christ had been pushed to the back burner, and it didn’t take long for the fairy tale sparkle to disappear.

The Most Important Thing

by Elsje Zornes

My life forever changed on the evening of September 1, 2011. It happened in my parent’s house, in a room dancing with soft candlelight and the beauty of pure white roses.  On that night, a man knelt before me and asked me to spend my life with him.