Meltdowns & Mountaintops

Devotionals from Leslie Ludy and the Set Apart Girl Team

Meltdowns & Mountaintops

by Leslie Ludy | November 5, 2010

The other day Hudson told me that the bread he was eating made him feel “warm and soft like a teddy bear.” And hearing such a cute statement from a sticky-faced five-year-old made me feel warm and soft like a teddy bear! There are so many cozy and cuddly moments with little children, moments that make all of the screams, whines, and demands a little bit easier to accept. Granted, a few moments after Hudson made his teddy bear comment, I faced two simultaneous, super-loud melt-downs as Avy and Kip sat in their high-chairs and let the world know, in no uncertain terms, that they were not at all happy about their circumstances. And yet, later that night they both seemed so angelic as they each took turns cuddling sweetly with me before bed. With little ones, there are lots of extremes. They can be perfectly calm and cherubic one moment and red-faced, angry, and screaming with rage the next. They can be absolutely ecstatic over a simple thing like finding a ladybug and then just as quickly become utterly devastated to learn that we are all out of apple-juice.

As the parents of these munchkins, our life is filled with extremes as well. One moment we are standing in a dignified classroom environment at Ellerslie, passionately proclaiming world-altering, epic truth, and fifteen minutes later we are back at home, cleaning up diaper blow-outs, enduring deafening screams, and picking smashed cheerios out of the carpet. Yet, that seems to me a great analogy of the Christian walk. It is filled with both mountaintops and valleys – and the ecstasy and the tribulations can often happen simultaneously. Often, the greatest trials lead to the most glorious victories.

For all of the valleys and challenges that come with raising children, the rewards of sacrificial love are far, far greater. I would gladly endure a million diaper blowouts and tantrums for the privilege of feeling a chubby little finger wrapped around mine, or a sweet slobbery kiss upon my cheek before bed, or the words, “I yuv you, Mommy” as I tuck them in for the night.

And when it comes to my walk with Christ, I would gladly endure a million valleys of loneliness, reviling and suffering for the glorious privilege of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord!*