Watching Over the Way of My Home

Devotionals from Leslie Ludy and the Set Apart Girl Team

Watching Over the Way of My Home

by Leslie Ludy | June 29, 2011

“She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

– Proverbs 31:27

When you spend countless hours conversing with preschoolers and toddlers, it’s easy to feel a little brain-dead by the end of the day. My conversations with my children are usually about animal noises (Mama, what does a camel say? Um, I’m not exactly sure, Dubber...uh, let’s talk about what a cow says!) reminders not to throw their food on the floor (eat your eggs, Avy, and don’t throw them at your brother!), and discussions on the basics of proper social behavior (we don’t hit others in the head with our squishy lizard, Harper.) In other words, it’s pretty basic stuff. It can be kind of mind-numbing at times. Of course, when it’s your own children, there is a delight in training them, even in the small and seemingly mundane areas. But all the same, I often find myself wanting to “escape” at various moments throughout the day – just to tune out the squawks, screams, and childish chatter all around me and pay attention to something else for a little while, something more intellectually stimulating. How easy it would be just to tell my children to “go play” while I indulged in an enjoyable activity of my own, like calling a friend, checking my email, or surfing the Internet for some interesting new recipes. None of those pastimes are wrong in themselves, but when I’m with my children, God has made it clear where my focus is to be – on my children. When I take my children to the park, I have two choices. I can either find another mom to chat with and ignore my kids as they run around burning off their excess energy, or I can engage with my children – play with them, laugh with them, help them on the swings and slides, and give my full and complete attention to their playtime.

When Proverbs 31 tells us to keep faithful watch over the ways of our household, it means a constant vigilance, a never-ending watchfulness, like a solider guarding a castle. There is no allowance for idleness – not even a few “let’s just go brain-dead” moments. The souls of my children hang in the balance. If I “unplug” and tune them out, I leave them open and vulnerable for the enemy to gain access into their lives. It might be the cruel words of another child at the park – am I paying attention and ready to protect them from destructive taunts or worldly influences? Or am I off in another world, chatting away with an adult about meaningless things while their little hearts and minds are being assaulted? It might be a behavior pattern in one of my kids that is not honoring to God. Am I willing to tackle it with the very best of my energy? Or do I simply pretend not to notice it because it takes too much stamina to apply truth to the situation and lead my child in the way of righteousness?

God has been challenging me at the very deepest levels, to not give one moment to idleness, to not allow myself to “check out” or my energy levels to wane; to maximize every little moment with my children, and continually point them to truth. It’s not an easy commitment. Other moms have the luxury of sending their children off to preschool or daycare for a few hours each day, but God has asked me to walk a different path. As a result I have very little free time and very little “me” time, and my emotional and mental energies are stretched to the max – but I am assured by God’s Word that the rewards will be eternal! What a rewarding opportunity.*

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6).