• The Pilgrim’s Progress

    John Bunyan

    Sarah's Recommendation:

    Recently, I had the opportunity to become reacquainted with this classic as part of a reader’s theater, and never before had I realized what a gem of an allegory Bunyan wrote while imprisoned for his faith. The amount of Scripture that is laced through its pages provides a solid backbone with which to flesh out a pilgrim’s journey with colorful characters such as Mr. Worldly Wiseman, Giant Despair, Faithful, and Christian himself who journeys through the valleys and mountaintops of life to reach the Celestial City with his faith intact. With each passing year, I realize just how much we, as Christian wayfarers, have in common with good ol’ Christian. Whether you have recently trudged up the Hill Difficulty or are staring Vanity Fair in the face, you may also proclaim, “But since I live, let Jesus wear the crown!”

  • Women That Make a Difference

    Elisabeth Elliot

    Heather's Recommendation:

    It’s so tempting, when asking ourselves if we are qualified to do the work of God, to turn inward searching for our own strength or skills. But what Elisabeth Elliot points out in this message is that the very thing that qualifies us is knowing that we don’t have what it takes in and of ourselves to do what God calls us to do. Instead, it’s living in dependence upon Him! 

    I was so blessed by the reminder that in moments of trial along the road of obedience that God is the One who provides all we need to continue to walk forward and be faithful to Him. In her calm, straightforward way, Elisabeth Elliot gives soul-refreshing truth that points us back to Jesus over and over again. I pray this will be an encouragement to you as you look to Him for all you need! 


  • Servanthood

    by Elisabeth Elliot

    Sarah's Recommendation:

    It was a full weekend, and I was ironing a tablecloth. A very large tablecloth, I might add, which the wrinkles refused to fall out of. Deciding to tune into a message from a dear mentor, Elisabeth Elliot, I was challenged to a deep degree as I listened to her crystal clear, straightforward arrangement of truth based on servanthood from the greatest Servant of all, Jesus Christ. Her timely reminder of doing the small, menial tasks with the same God-glorifying gusto as the more “popular" places of service will surely encourage you to cheerfully accept whatever the Father gives you to do! The core of this message exhorts us to imitate the Master’s example by not taking thought for self, but rather being caught up with whole-hearted givenness to our servant-hearted King! The tablecloth turned out great by the way, and my heart was ministered to. I pray yours is as well!

  • Darlene Rose — Pow WWII

    by Darlene Deibler Rose

    Jess's Recommendation:

    “Lord, I would go anywhere for You, no matter what it cost.”

    That is one of the first things this sweet woman of God, Darlene Deibler Rose, said when she gave her life to the Lord as a mere child. The story of her life reflects this declaration as she served as a missionary in the areas of Indonesia and New Guinea during the second World War. Though she became a prisoner of war, lost her husband, and was cruelly treated by the invading forces, her statement towards the end of her life still reflected her earlier sentiment: “And after these years of understanding something of the cost of being a missionary, I could still look up into that beautiful face, and I could still say to Him ‘Lord Jesus, I’d still go anywhere with you.’ The compensations are so tremendous.”

    I encourage you to listen to the wise, God-glorifying words of this Heaven-focused woman. The reverence she has for our King is so precious to hear. I trust by listening to this audio recording, you will see how worthy Jesus is of our undivided devotion.

  • Jasmin's Ultimate Summer Reading List!

    Jasmin's Recommendation:

    God can be Trusted
    by Elizabeth Goldsmith

    A moving and honest account of the life of a wife and mother who served as a missionary in China. Full of stories of God's faithfulness in action, this little-known book is sure to strengthen your faith!

    No Compromise: the Life Story of Keith Green
    by Melody Green

    He died at age 28, but his short life was a powerful testimony of the transforming work of Christ in a life surrendered to Him.


  • Heather's Ultimate Summer Reading List!

    Heather's Recommendation:

    With Christ in the School of Prayer
    by Andrew Murray

    This book illustrates prayer and our relationship with the Lord so beautifully.

    Set apart Motherhood
    by Leslie Ludy

    This book is such a refreshing, encouraging, Christ-focused perspective on motherhood!

  • Jess's Ultimate Summer Reading List!

    Jess's Recommendation:

    Evidence Not Seen
    by Darlene Deibler Rose

    I appreciate how this story amplifies God’s tender mercies in the midst of difficult circumstances.

    The Soul Winner's Secret
    by Samuel Logan Brengle

    These bite-sized chapters on prayer, obedience, study, and other aspects of “soul winning” will encourage you to go and share about Jesus!

  • Mandy's Ultimate Summer Reading List!

    Mandy's Recommendation:

    Passion and Purity & Quest for Love
    by Elisabeth Elliot

    I’ve returned to these books year after year for a fresh and godly perspective on relationships.

    Parables of the cross
    by Lilias Trotter

    This short book will lead you to cherish the deeper beauties that God has woven into creation to illustrate the Gospel!

  • Annie's Ultimate Summer Reading List!

    Annie's Recommendation:

    The Journals of Jim Elliot
    edited by Elisabeth Elliot

    These journal entries have always stirred in me a passion to get into the Word of God and live daily with unwavering obedience to Jesus.

    The Set Apart Woman
    by Leslie Ludy

    Pull away from the self-focus and distractions of our culture and cultivate a victorious life lived fully for Jesus Christ!

    Safely home
    by Randy Alcorn

    If you're wanting a good novel, this is a favorite of mine that will draw you into the heart and faith of the underground churches of China.

  • Leslie's Ultimate Summer Reading List!

    Leslie's Recommendation:

    Oswald chambers: Abandoned to God
    by David McCasland

    A powerful look at the life of a man who authored the famous devotional My Utmost for His Highest, and the amazing example of humility and service demonstrated by his wife, Biddy, who gave his words to the world after his untimely death.

    If I Perish

    by Esther Ahn Kim

    The incredible story of a young Korean woman who stood boldly for her faith during the second World War, and suffered unthinkable persecution as a result!


    by Eric Ludy

    An inspiring, powerful, practical book on how we can become God's rescuing agents, starting right where we are today!


  • Let Me Be A Woman

    Elisabeth Elliot

    Mandy's Recommendation:

    Elisabeth Elliot wrote this book as a wedding gift for her daughter, and as I read it, I felt deeply privileged to partake of this precious gift. Page upon page is filled with godly wisdom and perspective, delivered with the deep-hearted love of a mother. The truths shared in this book freshly instilled in my heart the honor it truly is to be a recipient of God-given femininity. And more than before, I’ve grown to cherish the gift of womanhood as a means of worshiping Him with my life, uniquely as a woman. 

    I hope you will pick up a copy of this book and allow this godly, older woman to lead you to understand the true meaning of womanhood — starting with the One who made you! What great beauties and joys in life are discovered as we fully embrace God’s ways!

  • Hearts of Fire

    The Voice of the Martyrs

    Jess's Recommendation:

    1 Peter 4:14 declares the promise, “If you are reproached for the Name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you…” As I read this book, I could see that blessing being fulfilled in the lives of these eight women. This book gripped my heart as I read the stories of Adel, Purnima, Aida, Sabina, Tara, Ling, Gladys, and Mai. Each of them endured incredible trials, going through situations that I have never come close to facing. Yet, I was struck with how they also dealt with questions that each of us face. How do I boldly witness to those around me?  How do I show forgiveness to those who have hurt me? And, how do I rely on Christ’s strength in the difficult situations so that I don’t wallow in self-pity, but rather focus on showing His love to others? 

    As they shared their stories and answered these questions, my soul was filled with wonder at how Christ was glorified in their lives. I was filled with love for these sisters in Christ, and also filled with a longing to be like them. Though the challenges I face are minuscule compared to these women's lives, their stories encouraged me to grow in thanksgiving towards the small trials that come my way. I trust that by reading this book, you will be pressed to prayer for our brothers and sisters facing persecution, as well as be strengthened in your own walk with Christ.

    *Note: this book gives detailed descriptions of some of the afflictions these women endured. I would recommend younger girls talk things over with their parents before reading to make sure it is appropriate for their maturity level.


  • The Two-Sided Ticket: A Study in the Father's Loving Answer of "No"

    Eric Ludy

    Mandy's Recommendation:

    This sermon is a stirring meditation on the loving sovereignty of our God and the unfailing goodness of His ways. As you listen, this sermon will help you to understand why prayers sometimes seem to go unanswered, and the greater purposes God fulfills when He gives the answer of “no.” 
    The truths presented in this sermon will build your trust in the character and nature of God, infusing your heart with hope and heavenly expectation for the times when you may not understand what He is working through His withholdings.
    Once again, you will be irresistibly drawn to entrust everything into the Hands that made you, were pierced for you, and uphold you even now. And you will be given strength and courage for the days to come as you trust in the heart of your God who works all things for our exceeding good and His outshining glory.
  • How to Find Rest

    Elisabeth Elliot

    Jasmin's Recommendation:

    The beginning of a year feels like a time to amp up productivity, tackle projects, meet goals … all good things. But how do we find truly refreshing rest so that we can do all of those things with an even deeper joy and purpose, not just human ambition? In this audio message, Elisabeth Elliot shares a biblical version of rest found in Matthew 11:28-29, which says, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” She explains how rest found in Christ comes through a different mode than what you or I might expect. We first must come to Christ, then we must bend our necks to receive His yoke, and then we must take time to learn from Him, and in doing these things, we can find true rest for our souls, even amidst our ongoing responsibilities, projects and tasks. This message was truly refreshing! 


  • Many Beautiful Things

    Leslie's Recommendation:

    As a talented, artistic woman from a well-to-do English family, Lilias Trotter had opportunities that most of people only dream of — fame, applause, comforts, and wealth.  But just when earthly accomplishments and accolades were glittering ahead of her, she encountered Jesus Christ in a life-changing way.  The result was the radical surrender of everything to Him — laying down her own pursuits in exchange for His, choosing obscurity over popularity, and difficulty over ease and pleasure.  This powerful documentary takes us back into history and gives us an amazing glimpse into Lilias’s inspiring spiritual journey.  It is worth watching more than once!  You will be challenged and encouraged by the theme of her life, which is beautifully captured in her own words:  “Turn your soul's vision to Jesus, and look and look at Him, and a strange dimness will come over all that is apart from Him.”


  • The Pastor's Wife

    Sabina Wurmbrand

    Mandy's Recommendation:

    Sabina Wurmbrand was a woman who truly counted Christ as her Highest Treasure. For His sake, she gave everything she could: the best years of her life, her dear husband and precious son, and all the soft and sweet things that life on this earth could have offered her. She embraced the rugged Cross of Christ, faithfully endured years of persecution and hardship, and stood firmly as a tower of light and truth in the midst of dark and uncertain times. Through it all, she discovered the outshining worth of knowing Christ—and lived in the triumphant joy and beauty of that reality.

    As I read of this woman’s surrendered, sacrificial life, my assumed entitlements to convenient living, idealistic dreams, and personal comforts were shamed. With each passing chapter, my understanding of the cost of following Christ deepened and I witnessed the boundless grace given to those who cleave to Him. If you need a vision for what it looks like to live unreservedly for God, a firm shake out of self-focused living, an example of Christ-consumed marriage and family, or poignant encouragement to live with eternity’s values in view—this woman’s story will inspire you, challenge you, and ultimately set your eyes upon the worthiness and beauty of Christ!

  • The Night Watches

    John Ross MacDuff

    Jess's Recommendation:

    Have you ever pondered that all the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth (Ps. 25:10)? This little book gives space to contemplate questions such as that. Each of the thirty-one chapters is a short meditation on either an attribute of God, such as His tenderness, or a way in which He reveals Himself to us as Believers. Each chapter, though only a page or two in length, is meant to turn the reader's gaze above and cultivate a heart of worship towards our Savior. If you are going through a challenging season and need a fresh reminder of God’s character, or if you simply want to have a fresh thought to ponder as you drift off to sleep, I highly recommend this book.


  • The Pineapple Story

    Otto koning

    Kaila's Recommendation:

    It’s easy to get attached to personal preferences, ideas, routines, and possessions. Our life, time, and resources are to be at God’s disposal—utilized for His purposes and glory. While walking through a difficult season, I listened to this message one morning and was freshly encouraged to walk in hope-filled relinquishment, knowing that when concerns are laid at Christ’s feet, God will always supply for every need. When we submit our lives to Jesus Christ, we can surrender all to Him—our present, future, challenges, and possessions—knowing that each aspect belongs to God and He is responsible to faithfully care for every detail of our lives.

  • Susanna Wesley—Servant of god

    by Sandy Dengler

    Heather's Recommendation:

    I read this book when I was in high school and it made quite an impact on my life. Susanna Wesley was a woman who willingly put aside her own comforts to serve and love those around her—especially those closest to her. Now that I am a young mother, it convicts and challenges me to see the way in which she joyfully poured out for her children. She also persevered through many hardships, never wavering in her trust in the Lord. An inspiring story for any woman with a desire to be a blessing to others and pour out her life for God’s glory!


  • A Godly Woman is a Happy Woman

    Elisabeth Elliot

    Mandy's Recommendation:

    On a daily basis, what do you look to for happiness? A job well done? Fulfilling relationships? Making progress in personal pursuits? We live in a world where everyone is on a dynamic quest for happiness, in one way or another. While it’s true that a measure of happiness and enjoyment can be found in day-to-day life here on earth, as followers of Christ, our perspective on where and how to find happiness should be rooted in the God’s truth. 

    True happiness is found in Christ: knowing Him, suffering with Him, living in harmony with Him, and being made like Him. And thus, a godly woman is a truly happy woman. Listening to this message refreshed my heart in a simple, powerful way. It reminded me to keep a surrender heart, embrace the trials and challenges as friends, and pre-decide that my answer to Him will always be “YES”. As I listened to this message, I saw with fresh eyes what slight and fleeting happiness this world has to offer, and in light of that, the exceeding and eternal joy of living unto Christ!

  • Rose from Brier

    Amy Carmichael

    Jasmin's Recommendation:

    After she sustained a serious injury in the later part of her life, Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India, wrote a short volume of letters, which were published as a book called Rose From Brier. These letters—full of poetry, scripture, personal reflection, and encouraging wisdom--—were her way of processing her debilitating injury, an injury that stayed with her until she passed away. The letters were written as an encouragement from one who was ill to others facing similar trials, or as Amy herself put it, “From thy brier shall blow a rose for others.”

    I recently came across this little volume at my local library, and found profound wisdom in Amy’s words that range from musings on the purpose of suffering, finding joy in suffering, and the real day-to-day reliance upon Christ that is needed in all seasons, but especially in the discouragement, loneliness, and fear that seeks to overcome one who is struggling with illness or injury. One of my favorite parts of this little book are all of the original poems and hymns penned by Amy during this season of her life. They are captivating offerings of faith and love for her Savior. And while Amy doesn’t sugar-coat the reality of the pain she dealt with, she always presents a victorious message of hope found in Christ. 


  • From Selfishness to Others

    by Jackie Pullinger

    Jess's Recommendation:

    Jackie Pullinger—missionary to Hong Kong—definitely doesn’t sugarcoat what she says in this message, though she does pepper it a bit with some of her characteristic British wit! Jackie's messages have a charismatic bent, but no matter what your particular denominational leaning, you will glean powerful biblical truths from the principles she shares. In this message, she gives a sharp exhortation to faithfully work where God has planted you, rather than chasing one “experience” after another. She encourages believers to persevere through the difficult situations and the mundane, saying, “Would you not stay somewhere and work it through? Would you not stay somewhere and love people so they know it’s not about what you are getting from God, but what you are sharing of God with them? This is what the lost, the lonely, and the hungry need!”
  • All Things for Good

    by Thomas Watson

    Heather's Recommendation:

    I was deeply impacted by something on every page of this little book! Although many years old, it overflows with timeless, life-giving truth. The author does an incredible job of using Scripture to portray how God uses any and every circumstance we face as Christians for our good and His glory.



    by Ellen Caughey

    Jasmin's Recommendation:

    I picked this slim volume up at a used bookstore a few years ago, and I just recently finished it. I was amazed at how much incredible testimony God packed into Eric Liddell’s short life. I had seen the well-known movie Chariots of Fire that outlined parts of his life and Olympic career, but I never knew he passed away at the young age of forty-three years old. Though his life was short, all of his years were purposefully used by God to make a lasting impact on the lives of many. He was described as cheerful and a joker, with a wide smile and a love for people. His athletic training and Olympic victories prepared him both physically and spiritually for the mission field in China, where he served humbly and faithfully until his death. At his funeral, it was said, “His was a God-controlled life and he followed his Master and Lord with devotion that never flagged and with an intensity of purpose that made men see both the reality and power of true religion." The way he ran was the way he lived, and it is rare when you find an example of a person who lived a life before Christ with such consistency, humility, and devotion. This short read is sure to challenge your perspective on what God can do with a life completely surrendered to Him, even if the years of that life are few.


    by Elisabeth Elliot

    Mandy's Recommendation:

    Shadow of the Almighty has remained one of my all-time favorite books since I read it as a teenager. As I learned about this zealous man of God’s life, a desire grew in my own heart to know and live for Christ without reserve, just as he did. The testimony of his faith greatly impacted my young walk with God, convincing me of His trust-worthiness, faithfulness, and the amazing promises found in His Word.

    In this book, you’ll observe a man who truly counted his own life as nothing, and instead chose to live out radical faith, surrender, and obedience to Jesus Christ. Filled with journal entries, letters to loved ones, and comments from his wife (Elisabeth Elliot) who compiled this book after his death, the story of this man’s life and faith will surely stoke the embers of your soul. Each time I pick this book up my faith is fueled and my desire to live each day passionately for Christ stirred! (And for an added bonus, consider purchasing the audiobook version of this book, narrated by Elisabeth Elliot!)



    by Oswald Chambers

    Heather's Recommendation:

    I have read this devotional through several times, and each time I am newly challenged, encouraged, convicted, and my view of Jesus is expanded. Although each day’s reading is short, they are brim-full of deep, rich, soul-satisfying truths. I pray this book will bless you and aid in growing your love for Jesus, as it did for me!

    compiled & edited by Miriam Huffman Ruckness

    Jess's Recommendation:

    Though I was just recently told about this compassionate woman of the faith, I already feel the pull of a “kindred spirit.” Lilias Trotter (pioneer missionary to Algerian Muslims in the late 1800s) was clearly a woman whose soul was filled with wonder at the beauty of the Creator’s world. The ordinary happenings of everyday life gained sparkle and beauty as she viewed them from the radiant eyes of worship. When thinking of the call to pour out her life for those around her, she wrote, “The pebble takes in all the rays of light that fall on it, but the diamond flashes them out again: every facet is a means, not simply of drinking more, but of giving more out.” Though not a proper biography or missionary story, this little book is a collection of precious vignettes from Lilias’s journal and sketchbook. If that sounds like a treat to you, I highly encourage you to put on a kettle of tea, find a cozy spot, and be refreshed by this woman’s words as she reflects on the beauty of our Christ.



    by Corrie ten Boom

    Mandy's Recommendation:

    This book took me on an unforgettable trip to Holland where I spent a long evening in the ten Boom family’s parlor. Together we explored the contents of an old trunk filled with journals, photos, and letters that revealed God’s amazing faithfulness through the generations of their family. We were humbled as we observed the character Father ten Boom—a devout follower of Jesus Christ, tender husband and leader, invested father and grandfather, and well-beloved watchmaker of Haarlem. Witnessing this man’s life left me hungering for more of Christ in my own life, and imparted a fresh vision for Christ-centered manhood, building a godly heritage, and our God’s enduring faithfulness!

    NKJV Audio Bible

    Annie's Recommendation:

    Several years ago, Leslie shared with me how she had begun listening to the Bible on audio CD throughout the day —while getting ready in the morning, in the car running errands, or while working on various projects. Whenever I’ve made this part of my own routine, it has had such an amazing impact upon my thoughts and spiritual focus. It’s also a great help to memorize Scripture or soaking your heart and mind in a portion of God’s Word you may be studying. And, as an added bonus, this version has voice actors for each character and background noise that paint a vivid landscape for whatever passage you may be listening to!


  • Let Me Be a Woman

    by Elisabeth Elliot

    the setapartgirl Team's Recommendation:

    This book is a powerful and refreshing exploration of Biblical femininity, written from the candid perspective of a mother writing letters to her daughter. This book proves that God’s pattern for womanhood is not oppressive, but liberating and beautiful.
  • Passion and Purity, and Quest for Love

    by Elisabeth Elliot

    the setapartgirl Team's Recommendation:

    If you are looking for solid, Biblical, no-nonsense Truth about what it means to bring Christ into the center of romance and relationships, these books are must-reads. Leslie says, “Both of these books were instrumental in my love story with Eric and a key reason why the message of When God Writes Your Love Story came to be.”
  • Discipline: The Glad Surrender

    by Elisabeth Elliot

    the setapartgirl Team's Recommendation:

    This book pulls no punches—clearly portraying the fully-given, fully-committed, Christ-centered life God has called each of us to live. Elisabeth delves into the practical areas of a Christian’s daily life, such as sleep habits, time management, hospitality, home environment, and social relationships—showing us that personal discipline is not only necessary to the Christian life, but it is an act of worship and obedience to our King.


  • He is - Short Film

    He Is

    by Ellerslie & Irish Elk Music

    Leslie's Recommendation:

    This powerful twelve-minute video is an incredible meditation on the names of Christ as revealed in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Each time I hear it, I am left speechless with awe and wonder at the majesty and magnitude of our King! Dwelling on who He is always chases away fear, frustration, and selfishness, and puts everything into proper perspective.
  • Speak to the Foxes - Sermon

    Speak to the Foxes

    by Pastor Carter Conlon

    Mandy's Recommendation:

    In this message, Pastor Carter Conlon calls out small compromises for what they are: SIN. Not only will your heart be challenged and convicted, but you will also be deeply encouraged to jealously guard the sacred territory of your soul, and to truly live a life set apart for Him that is not captive to weakening sin.

    This isn’t a message to be afraid of, but is a message to embrace, asking the Spirit of God to come afresh and purify your life. Amy Carmichael once penned these words that I would encourage you to adopt as the prayer upon your heart as you listen to this message:

    From subtle love of softening things,
    From easy choices, weakenings,
    (Not thus are spirits fortified,
    Not this way went the Crucified),
    From all that dims Thy Calvary,
    O Lamb of God, deliver me.
  • The Drop Box - Film

    The Drop Box

    Annie's Recommendation:

    This film is undoubtedly one of the most precious and powerful I've ever seen. It tells the story of a pastor in Korea who has laid down his life to serve Christ by rescuing the abandoned, disabled, rejected, and despised of society. Testifying of the mighty, enabling grace God gives to those who lay down their lives for the least of these, this film will grip your heart and stir your soul. Filmed creatively, honestly, and with hope always present, it’s a champion of the dignity and preciousness of life, and centers around the heart of the Gospel. You must see it!