biblical femininity

True Beauty

Heroic Femininity
Unlocking the Secret to Proverbs 31 Womanhood

by Leslie Ludy

When I was first married, I wasn’t a huge fan of the larger-than-life example of womanhood portrayed in Proverbs 31.


Lessons from my Mother
Celebrating the Beauty of Motherhood

by Annie WescheMandy SaelerHeather CoferLeslie Ludythe setapartgirl TeamJess WhiteJasmin HowellSarah Guthrie

With the coming of May each spring, the grey days of winter have faded from memory as sprigs of green and bursts of bright colors emerge to delight our senses.  At the peak of all this loveliness, Mother’s Day arrives and presents us with the opportunity to once again celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the influential, godly women who have touched our lives.

The Gospel

Godly Influence
Understanding the Value of Biblical Mentorship

by Lauren Robertsonthe setapartgirl TeamSarah Guthrie

Written by Sarah Guthrie:It had become a treasured Sunday morning rhythm in the "coming of age" season in my life. While the rest of our house had a classic case of get-out-the-door-in-time-for-church mayhem, time slowed to a leisurely pace as I admired the adept movements my step-mom made in sweeping a trace of blush across her cheek.


What a Godly Man Finds Beautiful

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

An Introduction from Leslie Ludy:A number of years ago, our Christian publishing company arranged for Eric and me to be guests on a “Christian” radio show to promote one of our books on purity. But as soon as I got on the phone, I knew something wasn’t right.


A Life that Overflows
A Biblical Take on the Self-Care Movement

by Mandy Saeler

I poured the hot, bubbling water over the tea bag and wrapped the string around the handle of the mug.

True Beauty

A Crown of Glory
Esteeming the Beauty of Age

by Heather Cofer

The moment she walked through our apartment door, there was an almost-tangible radiance that emanated from her. She greeted us with overflowing warmth, and a delighted smile graced her face.  She was an older woman who had recently become a widow. Instead of being subdued and serious, she joyfully testified of God’s faithfulness to her since her husband had died.

True Beauty

Building a Christ-Centered Identity
A Biblical Answer to the "Just be You" Trend

by Leslie Ludy

The aroma of pepperoni and cheese lingered in the air as my girlfriends and I tossed our paper plates into an overflowing garbage can and meandered into the living room where our pretty, twenty-something youth leader was waiting to inspire us with a weekly “devo” (youth group slang for a devotional lesson).

True Beauty

Reflecting His Radiance
A Biblical Perspective on Physical Beauty

by Leslie Ludy

I sat nervously among a small group of other teen girls, gazing at a gorgeous, slender blonde as she took her place at the front of the classroom.  “I think I saw her in a Cover Girl commercial,” my friend Stacy whispered to me in an awe-struck voice.  We stared enviously at the woman’s flawless skin, impeccable make-up, and ultra-chic clothing.  She was an in


Purely and Simply a Sister

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

Dear sister in Christ,I hope you are growing each day in the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Although there are a lot of challenges and distractions to divert you off the path of righteousness, I pray that you will continue on and not lose faith. Have you noticed the lack of godly men in this generation? Yes, I suppose you have; you probably feel it even more acutely than I do.


A Woman Who Surrendered Everything

by Leslie Ludy

Probably the biggest fear that single women deal with is that if they don’t take matters into their own hands, they will miss out on the opportunity to be married. Today’s guys are not well-trained in the art of winning, pursuing, and cherishing the heart of a woman.