Beauty and Contentment
A God-Honoring Approach to Home Design

by Leslie Ludy

Godliness with contentment is great gain.1 Timothy 6:6Sitting in a waiting room not long ago, my eyes were immediately drawn to the trendy home renovation show playing on the lobby’s television.  Normally I don’t have much attraction to modern TV shows, but decorating and home design episodes can quickly capture my interest.


Tasteful Decorating
A Guest Article by Clarita Yoder

by Guest Writers

The very word “Christmas” evokes such warm emotion for so many people! This holiday is celebrated the globe over by various people, even by those who do not even know its meaning.For some, Christmas means cold weather and snow, being bundled up in warm coats and gloves and scarves, and coming indoors to warm up by the fire with hot chocolate.

True Beauty

Creativity's Creative Deception
God's Glory vs. Self's Glory in the Arts

by Elsje Zornes

Growing up with a mom who has more creativity in the tip of her little finger than most people have in their whole body, meant an early and constant exposure to all things “artsy.” Oil pastels, watercolor, decoupage, silk painting, chalk drawings, pencil sketches, furniture refinishing, name it, she’s done it.