delighting in Christ

The Gospel

The Centrality of Christ
Placing Jesus at the Center of Our Lives

by Guest WritersNR Johnson

I have long been fascinated with space, planets, and faraway galaxies.


Hopeful & Bright
Strength for Today and Faith for Tomorrow

by Mandy Saeler

With my destination firmly planted in mind, I navigated the back roads of my small town to the highway that would take me westward. My destination? The Colorado Rocky Mountains – specifically, the well-loved little mountain town of Estes Park. Absorbed in the familiar drive, the highway miles passed quickly and I soon reached the canyon.


Keeping Christ in the Heart of Christmas

by Jasmin Howell

Joy to the world the Lord is come, Let earth receive Her King; Let every heart prepare him room.The Christmas that my family came home from five years on the mission field was one of the most vivid of my childhood.


Cherishing the Season
Embracing the Beauty of Christmastime

by Mandy Saeler

When the world outside our window is covered with newly fallen snow, there is a special beauty in those first moments of peering out and taking in the sight. For just a little while, our world feels more like a snow globe scene than our own reality, and we can freshly grasp why it’s often been said that the snow was intended to slow us down.


Keeping the Holidays Holy

by Mandy SaelerHeather Coferthe setapartgirl TeamJess WhiteJasmin Howell

An Intro From LeslieIt was Christmas Eve, and I was eight years old.  Our house was completely dark except for the sparkle of candles that my mother had placed around the house, and the radiant glow of Christmas lights from our colorfully decorated tree.  The air seemed to sparkle with heavenly light as our family gathered in the living room to read the Christmas story from the Bibl


Delighting in God's Word
Cultivating Consistency that Lasts

by Guest WritersNR Johnson

I was three days behind and I could feel the pressure mounting.As I sat in my overstuffed recliner and turned to the correct entry, I knew today would be the day I would catch up and stay on track.


A Heart Like His
Serving Because of Love

by Heather Cofer

My four-year-old son, Jude, and two-year-old daughter, Jenesis, were thrilled to wake up on a frosty morning last December to see a beautiful blanket of snow and big, fluffy flakes still falling plentifully from the sky. They decided breakfast was less important than beginning their snowy adventures, so they eagerly slipped into their winter gear and ran outside into the yard.


Hearing God's Voice
A Biblical Approach to Decision-Making

by Leslie Ludy

The scent of tropical sunscreen mingled with the aroma of spicy Mexican food as Eric (my husband, who was then nineteen) sat in the oversized restaurant booth, crunching on tortilla chips and engaging in small talk with his fellow camp counselors. They had just ended a week of being “good spiritual influences” for several hundred kids at a Christian summer camp.


How do I make Jesus my all?

How do I make Jesus my all? I am saved but I know that I haven't made Jesus my all. I want Him to be, but I am not sure how to make that happen.


Secure and Satisfied Singleness
Staying Your Heart Upon Your Trustworthy King

by Annie Wesche

MY PRINCE, MY CASTLE, & MY KING The train rolled steadily along as I watched droplets of rain gently tap the window beside me.  I watched one English town after the next pass by in a blur, feeling a combination of intense apprehension and joyful excitement.  After a year of praying, planning, and dreaming, I was finally on my way to Bible college in the breathtaking Lake District of