From the Inside Out
God's Design for True Modesty

by Heather Cofer

A few months ago I found myself at one of my favorite second-hand clothing stores, specifically for the purpose of updating my maternity wardrobe after finding out another little one was on the way.



Jealousy has been an ongoing battle for me. I know it's not godly. In the midst of my struggle, people around me seem to be flourishing. And although I'm happy for them, I am also insecure and jealous. What do I do?


Secure and Satisfied Singleness
Staying Your Heart Upon Your Trustworthy King

by Annie Wesche

MY PRINCE, MY CASTLE, & MY KING The train rolled steadily along as I watched droplets of rain gently tap the window beside me.  I watched one English town after the next pass by in a blur, feeling a combination of intense apprehension and joyful excitement.  After a year of praying, planning, and dreaming, I was finally on my way to Bible college in the breathtaking Lake District of


Facing Setbacks

I've seemed to continually face setbacks as I've pursued my dream career and just recently had to let go of my dreams entirely.  Why would God allow this to happen?


The Sweeter Delight
Exchanging Our Desires for His

by Jasmin Howell

I sat on my bed in the attic of the little house in Nashville, wrestling with the reality that a lifelong dream was coming to an end. In the morning, I would be loading up the car to drive back home to Canada. Three months earlier, I had arrived in the city of my dreams with hopes to cut a record in the Christian music industry.


The Destiny Question
A Christ-Centered Approach to Finding True Purpose

by Leslie Ludy

It was 1905. Seventeen-year-old Lillian Trasher stepped into the bustling editor’s office at a big-city newspaper, nervously clutching her sketchpad. Her heart beat excitedly at the flurry of activity around her as typewriters clicked and reporters scribbled furiously on notepads. Landing a lucrative job as a newspaper artist had been a long-time dream of Lillian’s.