doing God's will


The Struggle of Obedience
Living for Jesus No Matter the Cost

by Heather Cofer

I walked into the living room to find toys scattered everywhere and a very forlorn figure sitting in the midst of them.


Catherine Booth
The Power of Relentless Spiritual Passion

by Leslie Ludy

Not long ago I gave a short exhortation about the importance of keeping prayer and time with God as one of the highest priorities in our lives—even if it means that we must get less sleep or skip certain social and leisure activities in order to do so. Many responded enthusiastically to this reminder, but some balked. One woman remarked,


Life as Trees

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

God’s PicturesImagine with me two trees. One is planted in a beautiful, lush valley alongside a massive river. Its roots sink deep into the rich soil, its core is filled with the sap of life, its height is magnificent and brawny, and its branches are filled with healthy, delightful fruit.