gentle and quiet spirit


Beautiful Meekness
Embracing Christlike Humility

by Leslie Ludy

“Sorry, we cannot help you. It would be too humbling,” the pastor replied bluntly in response to Amy’s question. Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India in the early 1900s, was trying to find Christian women who could assist her in caring for the many needy babies and children that had been brought to her doorstep.


The Return of Honorable Manhood
How Women Can Inspire Men Toward a Higher Standard

by Leslie Ludy

I’ll never forget the moment when I knew — really knew — that Eric Ludy was different from every other guy I’d known. It happened on a warm summer morning in the Rocky Mountains. Our church group had gathered for a two-hour hike through a rambling forest trail. Eric and I fell into step beside each other as branches and leaves crackled under our fee