glorifying God in the arts


Grace Notes
Tuning Our Hearts to Christ's Perfection

by Sarah Guthrie

The weighted ivory keys beckoned me closer. Accepting their invitation, I drew out the piano bench, arranged my sheet music, and arched my fingers slightly. As the first notes of Beethoven’s Für Elise lingered in the air, I was transported from the parlor to a place of soul that didn’t exist before I began piano lessons. Let it be known — I am far from a piano prodigy.


The Sweeter Delight
Exchanging Our Desires for His

by Jasmin Howell

I sat on my bed in the attic of the little house in Nashville, wrestling with the reality that a lifelong dream was coming to an end. In the morning, I would be loading up the car to drive back home to Canada. Three months earlier, I had arrived in the city of my dreams with hopes to cut a record in the Christian music industry.

True Beauty

Creativity's Creative Deception
God's Glory vs. Self's Glory in the Arts

by Elsje Zornes

Growing up with a mom who has more creativity in the tip of her little finger than most people have in their whole body, meant an early and constant exposure to all things “artsy.” Oil pastels, watercolor, decoupage, silk painting, chalk drawings, pencil sketches, furniture refinishing, name it, she’s done it.