intimacy with Christ


A Narrow Road
The History & Passion Behind Set Apart Girl

by Leslie Ludy

When I was eighteen, I read a book* that became a defining influence upon my life. It was a biography written by Elisabeth Elliot about the life of Amy Carmichael who was missionary to India in the early 1900s. As a young woman in Ireland, Amy felt God calling her to give up the pursuits and pleasures of the world and become fully consecrated to Him.


Alone but Never Lonely
Walking Through Solitary Seasons with Joy

by Mandy Saeler

My eyes were heavy as I hammered away at my laptop keys, occasionally crinkling the wrapper of my late-night protein bar. It was after 10:00 PM and the minutes were passing quickly as I sat in the hotel lobby, catching up on things that had fallen behind as I had traveled.


Living in Complete Worship

My pastor told us that we need to worship God with our lives all the time, instead of just living from one experience where we feel very close to God to the question to you is how? How do I live in complete worship to God every day? How do I worship Him in everything that I do?


Life as Trees

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

God’s PicturesImagine with me two trees. One is planted in a beautiful, lush valley alongside a massive river. Its roots sink deep into the rich soil, its core is filled with the sap of life, its height is magnificent and brawny, and its branches are filled with healthy, delightful fruit.


Creative Journaling

by Ervina Yoder

They sit on the bottom shelf of a dark cherry bookshelf, stacks of leather and moleskin and spiral-bound. Collections from the years. Stories of my life. Tributes to my God. It was during the early years of school that my homeschooling mother introduced me to the concept of creative journaling.