laying down rights


Beautiful Meekness
Embracing Christlike Humility

by Leslie Ludy

“Sorry, we cannot help you. It would be too humbling,” the pastor replied bluntly in response to Amy’s question. Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India in the early 1900s, was trying to find Christian women who could assist her in caring for the many needy babies and children that had been brought to her doorstep.


The Struggle of Obedience
Living for Jesus No Matter the Cost

by Heather Cofer

I walked into the living room to find toys scattered everywhere and a very forlorn figure sitting in the midst of them.


How do I make Jesus my all?

How do I make Jesus my all? I am saved but I know that I haven't made Jesus my all. I want Him to be, but I am not sure how to make that happen.


The Destiny Question
A Christ-Centered Approach to Finding True Purpose

by Leslie Ludy

It was 1905. Seventeen-year-old Lillian Trasher stepped into the bustling editor’s office at a big-city newspaper, nervously clutching her sketchpad. Her heart beat excitedly at the flurry of activity around her as typewriters clicked and reporters scribbled furiously on notepads. Landing a lucrative job as a newspaper artist had been a long-time dream of Lillian’s.


Elisabeth Elliot
Remembering a Great Woman of God

by Leslie Ludythe setapartgirl Team

1926 - 2015The ministry of Set Apart Girl® has been greatly impacted by Elisabeth Elliot’s life.  We will dearly miss her.  As a tribute to this heroine of the faith, we’d like to share a few ways that Elisabeth Elliot’s example has inspired us each along the narrow way of the Cross. Her Influencefrom Leslie LudyI remember reading a book preface by Elisabeth El


A Woman Who Surrendered Everything

by Leslie Ludy

Probably the biggest fear that single women deal with is that if they don’t take matters into their own hands, they will miss out on the opportunity to be married. Today’s guys are not well-trained in the art of winning, pursuing, and cherishing the heart of a woman.