What a Godly Man Finds Beautiful

by Anonymous Warrior Poet

An Introduction from Leslie Ludy:A number of years ago, our Christian publishing company arranged for Eric and me to be guests on a “Christian” radio show to promote one of our books on purity. But as soon as I got on the phone, I knew something wasn’t right.


His Way is Perfect
The Unmatched Beauty of a Romance Built by God

by Leslie Ludy

During most of my single years I was on a desperate search for true love. I was convinced that if I could only find the right guy—the knight in shining armor I’d always dreamed of—I would finally be happy and fulfilled. Despite my fairy tale ideals


Beyond the Search for Mr. Right
Using Your Single Years Well

by Leslie Ludy

I’d like to let you in on a little-known secret: If you are single, God has a much higher calling upon your life than spending all your time and energy trying to snag a husband.(Shocking, I know.)While such a statement may seem obvious when it’s written out in black and white, in real life it can easily become blurry.