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A Guarded Mind
Keeping a Healthy View of Romance in a Sensually-Saturated World

by Mandy SaelerHeather Coferthe setapartgirl TeamJess WhiteJasmin HowellSarah Guthrie

Romance novels, chick-flicks, sensual magazines, and more — everywhere we look there are land mines of relational compromise awaiting us. As Christians, it’s easy to turn to the “tamer” versions of these things to fulfill our desire to fantasize about our own personal fairy tale and imagine the charming prince


The Truth about Flirting

by the setapartgirl Team

Flirting - it is such a common, accepted practice. Many people would even say it is a perfectly fine and sometimes necessary way of relating to the opposite sex. Some might say that having a forward, provocative demeanor is the best way to be attractive to guys. This mindset has also crept it’s way into the church.