The Honor of Serving the Master

The honor of serving the Master

The Honor of Serving the Master

by Annie Wesche | August 1, 2016


"Come to Me...
And learn from me..."
Matthew 11:28-29


Nearly 15 years ago I stood in the world’s largest museum—the awe-inspiring Louvre.  Every room we passed through were works of art in themselves, epically framing the pieces they held.  Though I am nothing close to an art enthusiast, I felt within me a surging thrill at the honor it was to be setting my eyes upon some of the greatest art pieces in the history of the world. The Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, Monet’s Water Lilies. Within those grand halls of the Louvre, there was a reverence for the work of masters. And in a day when paint splatters on canvas can be called “art”, it moved me deeply to see masterpieces that had demanded lifetimes from these artisans, and to see a dedication displayed in their work that is devastatingly rare today.

Today, we hear very little of modern-day “masters” or see such a degree of purposeful excellence.  But imagine in decades past that you were a young, but earnest, aspiring violinist who was given a moment to sit with a virtuoso and lay your bow upon a Stradivarius. Or perhaps you were a painter who caught the eye of Master Leonardo da Vinci and he extended to you a coveted apprenticeship under his guidance.  Any serious student would give anything to possess such a rare opportunity, and even take delight in fetching da Vinci’s coffee or cleaning his brushes at the end of the day, if it meant you could follow, observe, and serve the master.  What would it be like to watch how genius and excellence lived each day, and to observe the care they gave to every detail in the process of achieving their greatness?


. . . 


If you feel a longing stir within your soul as I do, dear friend, I have wondrous news for you.  We have been invited by the Master of all masters to come and learn from Him! He has beckoned us to enter into His life and He longs to enter into ours.  We are called to draw near to His canvas, to come and watch His pierced hands as they work.  To come sit at His feet and receive the most beautiful words that ever were spoken—words that bring life, joy, power, and grace!  

None can boast this Master’s glory, victory, excellence, or perfection; and this One, the Lord of all, bids you and I to come and learn from Him.  The Creator who spoke the world into existence. Linger on that. The One who intricately designed billions of living things to work in perfect harmony and uniquely display His glory…the One who knits every human life within the womb—making each and every one unique from all the rest…the One who hung the stars, mapped the universe, sculpted the Alps, crafted crystal caves in the depths of the earth, painted the landscapes of Cumbria, and commands the winds and waves.  The Author of life, the Defeater of death, the Son of God, the Savior of man, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and Love itself—He bids us to come and learn from Him

Do you grasp the honor and life-transforming beauty of such an invitation?  

What could I ever prize more than that?  I want to run as fast as I can to His presence, bow before Him, and with all my heart, say “Yes, Lord, teach me. There is nothing I desire more than You—to know You, learn of You, and serve You!”   And then, with full givenness to my Master, all trivial joys of this world, all counterfeit things, all distractions lose their glimmer.  Make it so, Jesus!

May we walk through the halls of His glory, and freshly gaze upon all He has done, lingering on each of His attributes and learning all we can about their beauty, memorizing the goodness of each of His promises and letting them change how we live, savoring His work, and giving Him glory.

I’ve heard it said that you could tour the Louvre for an entire year and still not see everything housed there.  Still, these earthly prizes will all come to an end, but our Master’s wonders never cease!  And we not only have our lifetime to know and learn of Him, but all of eternity!   

My lifetime and eternity are Yours, my Master. There is nowhere I’d rather be than with You.